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Upload your audio tracks through your Soundwise dashboard.

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“I sold almost 4000 audiobooks in 3 months thanks to Soundwise! I wanted a platform to sell my audiobook on my own terms and have it look very similar to Audible for my customers. Soundwise allows me to do that effortlessly and at a great price. At first I was hesitant to try it because it sounded too good to be true. As it turned out, my customers LOVE using the Soundwise app just as much as Audible. And it gave me control over my pricing and delivery.Best platform ever!”

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Our app makes listening to your audios on the go an easy and enjoyable experience. Connect with your audience in-app and nurture your relationships to sell future products with ease.

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Over 2000 creators use Soundwise to sell their audio online

Hugh O’Neil Gallagher
Chicken 65
“I researched online for the best platform for my audiobook and chose Soundwise. I especially love the ability to view listener activity. It’s cool to see when people are lit up with your content and listening to it for hours every day.“
has written video scripts with over 30 million views, and wrote for Rolling Stone, Wired, Harper’s, and Newsweek.
Jill Monaco
Overcoming with Jill Monaco
“I needed a way to deliver my audio content in an app and have my clients access everything easily from their phone. What I love about Soundwise is the ease of using the platform and setting things up. I recommend it to all speakers and authors who are making audio courses and podcasts.”
#1 Amazon bestselling Christian author
Timothy Moonlight
Waiting in the Night
“Audible and Findaway Voices may have the advantage of exposure, but the author pays a terrible price with the royalty options available. What I like the best about Soundwise is the subscription model it affords creators. To have the option to receive ALL of my audiobook royalties means I can make more per unit sold than I'd ever thought possible.”
#1 Amazon bestselling suspense author
David Hooper
Big Podcast- the Audiobook
“Sending big audio files in a secure way was difficult before Soundwise. Now it’s easy. I can send copies of my audiobooks to my listeners. They simply download the Soundwise app and my audiobook is there waiting for them. This is a great tool for somebody looking to sell their content directly, without a middleman.”
has sold over 240,000 books and helped thousands to succeed in the podcasting industry.

“I made over $10k in sales on the first day launching on Soundwise. It allows me to deliver audio simply and elegantly to mobile devices without investing a lot of money in bespoke apps. This has simplified things hugely for me. I recommend it to anyone with audio content looking to control delivery to specific audiences. Also their support is very responsive and on the ball!”

Grow your audience

Marketing your audio doesn’t need to be a hassle. Soundwise gives you all the tools you need to grow your audience effectively and easily.

  • Export the names and emails of your audience to build your email list.
  • Automate listener ratings and reviews to create social proof.
  • Publish free podcasts to iTunes and Spotify to reach more listeners.
  • Offer free trials and limited-time promos to attract more customers.
  • Convert your YouTube channel to podcasts automatically for bigger distribution.

Keep more listeners

Allow customers to start listening on the go within minutes of purchase.

Keep your content at the front of your audience’s mind 24/7 with in-app messages and push notifications.

  • Download tracks for convenient offline listening.
  • Messages to listeners and audio updates appear instantly via push notification.
  • Publish PDFs to supplement your audio tracks.
  • Sleep timer and track looping.

Earn more from your audio

Soundwise charges zero royalty fees and gives you more ways to sell your audio than ever.

Get total control over your audio, and earn what you deserve.

  • Keep 100% of your revenue.
  • Polished sales pages for your audio products.
  • Sell subscriptions, rentals, or one-time purchases.
  • Bundle audio products to sell subscription libraries.
  • Sell on both web and mobile.
  • Provide free trials and sample audio tracks.

Publish in minutes

Soundwise streamlines publishing and content management so you can go from uploading to selling in minutes.

Spend less time managing tech, and more time creating content.

  • Bulk upload audio files.
  • Record directly in browser.
  • Import tracks from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • 1-click copy of audio tracks across products.
  • Automatically add intros & outros.
  • Integrate with 1500+ online tools such as MailChimp.

Build a loyal listener tribe

Soundwise lets you communicate directly with your listeners and engage with them in multiple ways.

Improve audience retention by using analytics, reviews, and comments.

  • Private audio for your membership community.
  • Build an engaged audience with listener comments.
  • Automatic collection of listener feedback and rating.
  • See listening analytics of every audience member.

Keep your audio secure

Your audio tracks are kept secure, preventing them from being copied and shared without your permission. We handle security so you can focus on creating content.

  • Audio files cannot be accessed outside the app.
  • Only registered listeners can access your audio.
  • Secure checkout process.

“ It’s been a fantastic experience using soundwise to deliver our automobile sales training materials. Our students are sales professionals who are on the go a lot. Having the trainings in audio delivered to their phone not only saves their time, but gives them the maximum learning flexibility. The team at soundwise is the most helpful and customer-oriented. They go above and beyond to help us achieve what we want, and have given us recommendations on positioning and selling our materials that we might not have otherwise thought of. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner... ”

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