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Why create an audio version of your book?

High market demand

According to the Audio Publishers’ Association, audiobooks are the fastest growing category in the entire publishing industry, with annual sales increasing by an average of 30% each year. In 2019, digital audiobook revenue in the US totaled close to $1 billion. Your audiobook has the potential to outsell your e-books and physical books.

Diversify your income

An audiobook opens up an additional stream of income, by catering to the growing demand of audience who have different content consumption habits and can only find the time in their busy schedules to listen to audiobooks. While we’d all like to think we have the time to sit down and read a book, this simply isn’t the case anymore. We need to be able to read on the go, and the only way to do this is with an audiobook.

Charge a higher price

Audiobooks typically sell for 2 or 3 times the price of traditional books. By providing a richer, more sophisticated content consumption experience, you can command a higher price for your materials. Bundling your book and audiobook together helps promote the sales of both, and gives your readers the option to consume your content in whichever way works best for them. Many readers are happy to pay more for the convenience of both.

Traditional self publishing channels for audiobooks, such as Audible ACX, take a whopping 40 to 60 percent of your sales, in exchange for selling and delivering your audiobook through Audible and iTunes. Having your audiobook listed on these large marketplaces certainly has its benefits. But for most independent creators, if you really want your audiobook to sell, you still end up carrying most of the heavy load of promoting and driving traffic to your audiobook yourself.

If you’re the one doing most of the work, from creating to marketing, shouldn’t you be the one reaping most of the rewards? That’s what we allow you to do on Soundwise.

Take complete control of your audiobook’s destiny

Soundwise is the best solution to sell and deliver your self-published audiobooks

Decide your own pricing

On an audiobook marketplace like Audible, your audiobook is juxtaposed with thousands of other audiobooks in the same category. You’re forced to compete on price or accept the marketplace’s price guidelines. On Soundwise, you’re not competing with anyone. You’re free to charge whatever prices that work for you, based on your audiobook’s own merits, your business model, and the demand from your own audience.

Everything you need in one place

From audio hosting, to payment processing, to secure mobile and web content delivery, Soundwise provides all the tools you need. With our easy setup, you can start selling your audiobooks in as little as half an hour.

Smooth listening experience for your audience

Our state-of-the-art mobile app allows your listeners to conveniently listen to your audiobook on the go and see any supplementary materials accompanying the audios.

We make your listeners’ life easy, and make you look professional.

Build a community for your audiobook

Traditionally, a book is a one way street. The author talks at the reader. There’s no back and forth and it’s difficult to receive timely feedback on your materials. On Soundwise, you can do things differently. Listeners can like and comment on your audiobook, and you have the option to reply.

It’s easy to start discussions to develop a valuable relationship with your listeners.

Secure your audiobook access

Your audiobook files are securely contained within our app in your listener’s library, even if they download for offline listening.

We protect your audiobook files from being stolen or given away for free. on Soundwise, your audiobook is safe.

Low cost, high flexibility

Soundwise is the most affordable audio content management and delivery platform on the market today, given the wide range of features we provide for audio creators.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional audiobook publishing channels, your listeners can enjoy a listening experience similar to what they’re used to on other audiobook apps, while you make more money and enjoy the creative freedom that you deserve.

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