Why Soundwise Is the Best Choice for Selling Your Audios

Find out why Soundwise is becoming the fastest growing audio monetization platform

When I found Soundwise, it was like…Hallelujah! This is a godsend! I haven’t found anything else like it on the market.
Shae Bynes
Founder, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Everything you need is here, conveniently

Secure audio content hosting, in-browser audio recording, automatic audio editing, built-in sales pages, secure delivery through web and mobile, payment processing, analytics down to each listener, listener support-- Soundwise gives you all the technical ingredients you need to succeed in creating and selling your audio programs.


Own your audience, control the conversation

Partnering with Soundwise is like having your custom audio app, without incurring the cost of building one. Build your listener membership community in one place. Increase listener retention and engagement through our comment and message features. Knowing each of your listeners by name and their individual listening patterns helps you serve your audience better.


Smooth listener experience that makes you look professional

No more copying and pasting RSS feed links. No more file transfer and organizing hassle from computer to mobile device. Your listeners immediately receive your audios on their Soundwise account via our web and mobile apps after they purchase from you. They can listen offline on mobile during their commute, speed up or fast forward, and pick it up where they left off from their computer. We take care of the technical details on the listener side so that you don’t have to.


Go beyond audios

You have the option to add action step or homework assignment, image or PDF notes to accompany your audio tracks. All of them are conveniently accessible to your listeners right from our mobile app, while they listen to you. Delight your listeners with a comprehensive learning experience right from their phone.


Rich marketing features to help you sell

Price your program in multiple currencies. Create promo codes and trial periods. Sell your audios flexibly in subscription, one-time purchase, or rentals. Bundle multiple programs together for promotional sale. Market your entire audio program catalog in-app and let listeners directly purchase from phone. Create soundwave videos from your audio clips for social media marketing. Soundwise has an ever expanding list of features to help you get more sales.


Scaling effortlessly

We’re the ideal platform no matter whether you have one premium podcast or 1000 recorded albums for sale. Adding additional audio programs to your catalog of offerings is a breeze. You can start small and gradually build your audio business empire all from the same dashboard. Bundling your entire audio library and selling your own Spotify-like subscription service is doable and easy with Soundwise.


Get paid immediately

Little to no revenue share. No per-user fee. No bandwidth fees. The largest set of features available for audio creators on the market. All for an affordable monthly subscription fee. Your sales proceeds go to your bank account via Stripe almost immediately after listener purchase. Reap all the rewards of your creative labor as soon as possible.


Most affordable: you get a lot for what you pay us

Comparing the rich features, flexibility and control we offer audio creators against the monthly fee we charge, you’ll realize that there is no other audio monetization platform on the market that offers the same set of values at this level of cost.


Integrate with your favorite online tools

We play well with all your favorite software tools. You can connect Soundwise to over 1000 other apps and softwares via Zapier, e.g. MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Shopify, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, to name a few. Supercharge your creator productivity with our rich integrations.


Outstanding customer support

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support to both you and your listeners. Our responsive and caring support team is one of the primary reasons why our customers love us. We’re completely dedicated to helping you realize your full potential as an audio creator.

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