Free Soundwave Video Maker

Spice up social media sharing of your audio course and podcast with a soundwave video clip generated from your audio recording.

Audio snippet + branded image = Eye catching soundwave video.

Attract more listeners with a soundwave video that shows off your branding and audio content. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, along with your audio url link.

How It Works


Upload an audio snippet from your audio course section or podcast track (under 60 seconds)


Upload an image with information about your audio content (1080px by 1080 px or 1280px by 720px). You can create A pretty one easily using Canva.


Pick a color and a position (top, middle, bottom) for the soundwave.


We'll create the video snippet, and when it's ready, email you a link to download your video.

Create A Free Soundwave Video Clip

Upload audio clip (up to 1 minute)
Audio clip should be under 60 seconds. mp3 and m4a files accepted.
Drag your audio clip here or click to upload.
Upload image
Square image with at least 1080x1080 pixels or Rectangular image with at least 1280x720 pixels.
Drag your image here or click to upload.
Pick audio wave position
Pick audio wave color
Your email address
We'll notify you by email when your video is ready for download.