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If you’re a coach, trainer, or expert who sells online digital products, audio-based courses and training programs are a great way to increase your audience engagement and content consumption, create additional income streams, and boost your customer loyalty.

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When I asked my tribe how they felt about a membership website, versus a mobile app that’s audio based but allows PDFs and photos, hands down they said the latter. With Soundwise I can incorporate my podcast as the free portion of my training, but also sell subscription-based audios to my community… I have found Soundwise to be so refreshingly simple. I'm used to convoluted setups, and this was like a deep sigh of relief for me.

Dr. Kim Bloomer,Aspen Bloom Pet Care

Content engagement is the new king

You’ve likely heard the adage “content is king”. While fundamentally true, content alone is no longer enough. In today’s world of a bazillion blogs and YouTube channels, creating content, by itself, won’t help you stand out in the marketplace. Acquiring and keeping customers requires content engagement—meaning your busy and distracted audience actually consumes and pays attention to your content.

The more accessible your teachings, the more likely that your audience will actually learn from and connect with it . According to respected researcher Katy Jordan, the average completion rate of online courses is 7-15%—sitting down to watch hours of course videos is a lot to ask from your busy audience. Low engagement means it’s much less likely that your customers will keep coming back. Offering audio programs helps solve this problem-- give your tribe a way to listen and learn on the go, no matter where they are and how busy their life is.

A learning experience designed for modern life

The average American now spends around 5 hours everyday on their smartphone. According to Neilson and Edison Research, people spend on average an hour a day consuming audios while at home, on their commute, at the gym, doing chores, and running errands. The audio format allows your audience to consume your content on the go, wherever they are. It provides your audience with more opportunity to fit your teachings into their hectic lives, compared to a video course they have to sit down and watch.

Soaring market demand for audio products

Given the high accessibility of audio content and the increasingly mobile lifestyle of the modern world, it’s no wonder that the popularity of audio content, from audiobooks to audio courses and podcasts, has skyrocketed in recent years. According to Neilson and Edison Research, 51% of Americans have now listen to podcasts, and 32% do so religiously each month. Audiobook sales in the US have been growing by over 30% each year. If your audience has wished for more time or for an easier way to consume your teachings, it’s time to consider converting your materials to audio.

Stand out in a noisy world

Audio is an intimate medium of communication. When people consume spoken-word audio content, they’re typically alone doing solitary activities. That means not only do you catch them in their downtime, you will be quite literally talking directly into their ears, one-on-one. The intimacy of the medium helps you build a stronger connection with your audience compared to text and video

Lower production cost, faster to market

Producing video courses is costly. From quality lighting, to the beautiful background, to your hair and makeup, there are so many costly moving pieces that must be managed together to make your recordings look even semi-professional. Post-production editing cost is another sore spot that makes many creators procrastinate on even starting to make their course.

In contrast, to produce an audio course, all you need is a microphone and a computer. The less time, money and effort you have to spend on production, the more time you have to focus on the content of your teachings. The substantially shorter turnaround time from concept to product means your teaching gets to market much faster, and both you and your audience benefit.

Soundwise is the best tool for selling and delivering your audio courses and programs

Simple, yet powerful audio content management

Don’t worry about spending hours learning a whole new dashboard. We’ve made it as easy as possible to upload and create your audio courses and programs with additional texts and PDFs, if desired. You can bulk upload your files from your computer or directly from your cloud drive, and be ready to sell in as little as half an hour. We’ll automatically convert your existing video content into audios. And if you really want to be efficient, you can record right there on the dashboard and use our polishing tools to get your files ready to publish with a few clicks.

Just like your own app… sans the development costs

Seamlessly deliver your audios, as well as supplementary materials, through our secure mobile and web apps. Students can access the program files immediately after purchase and start listening whenever it suits them. Students can like and comment on lessons, which you can reply to, to start a discussion around the topic or answer additional questions. Each time you publish new audio tracks, students will be notified through push notification on their phone.

Flexible monetization options

With Soundwise, you have complete control over the pricing of your audio programs and courses. Whether you prefer to charge a one-time fee or use a subscription model, you have complete freedom to build and charge for your programs in whatever way works best for your business.

Build a thriving tribe with ease

Building a strong tribe is essential for online educators, and we make it easy to nurture your student relationship, right within the app. Send in-app group messages to your students to incite discussion, excitement for a new course, or let them know about an update. They’ll receive push notifications whenever you send a message or reply to comments, so you know you’re always in intimate contact with your students, wherever they are.

Superior security

With Soundwise, you don’t need to worry about your files being downloaded and distributed without your permission. We give your listeners complete freedom to listen to your audio courses wherever they are, online or offline, but your audio files are always contained within our app’s file system. We check the authorization of every access request. No one can take your files directly to redistribute them.

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