Keep your community coming back for more

Soundwise helps you build a loyal following, engage them in multiple ways, and communicate with your tribe, so that you create better content and improve audience retention.

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In-app Messages

Take tribe communication beyond your audio content by sending in-app group messages to your tribe. Listeners can like and respond to your messages, so you can nurture your community.

Push notifications are sent to your tribe in real time whenever you send a message.

Email and push notifications

Notifications are sent out on the mobile app and (optionally) via email to your listeners whenever you publish new audio tracks or send a group message. You and your content will always be at the forefront of your listeners’ mind.

Create conversations

Listeners can like and comment on your audio tracks, which you can respond to create a conversation with your community. Encourage dialogues around your content to increase audience engagement and build a strong tribe identity.

Customized listener profiles

Each listener has their own social media-style profile which includes an avatar image, weblink and a short bio. This allows your listeners get to know one another and forge a strong sense of community.

Community activity updates

Our in-app updates on comments, likes, new audio releases and new group messages help showcase that your content is well loved and encourages more community interaction.

Know your tribe intimately

See the track listening statistics of every audience member. Know who has listened to which tracks and for how long. See the geographic distribution of your listeners as well as their device preference.

These crucial information helps you make better content decisions and create audios that fit your listeners’ needs.

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