We are good people. And we like good people.

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We’re a humble and happy company. Unlike many tech startups, our purpose of existence isn’t to “disrupt” any vertical or “revolutionize” any industry. We’re founded on the simple concept of doing everything we can to build a great product, make our customers and employees happy, and turn a healthy profit. This is our non-revolutionizing way to change the world, day after day. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

We have a good team of smart, honest, down-to-earth people from around the world. Our customer base is growing quickly, but we aim to keep our team small and agile. We are relentless in our pursuit to build a quality product that’s a joy to use for both our publishers and their listeners. We’re always tinkering and improving. We believe, strongly, that if we dedicate ourselves to creating exceptional quality and usability, there will always be those select few out there who will recognize this dedication.

A note from our founder

When I started Soundwise, nobody thought it was a good idea. People told me that a platform for on-demand audios was too ordinary, too fringe, too passé, had too small a market, with too many competing solutions…oh and also, that I didn’t have the right team, the right experience, the right industry connections… And while everyone was doubtful, the amount of personal doubt I felt was probably the greatest. So when nobody, I myself included, was all that impressed with the idea of Soundwise, I did what was the right thing to do— I decided to build it.

Looking back, we as a company couldn’t be happier with that decision. I’ve now learned that the critics all had very good points. But what they didn’t necessarily have was the experiences as both a creator and an avid consumer of audio products, which I had. And it wasn’t difficult for me to see that the experience on both sides could be so much better…if only with the right technological conduit.

We choose to serve the creative, the intelligent, the independent thinkers who blaze their own trail and fearlessly pursue their own vision of freedom and excellence in business and life. We devote ourselves to guarding an enabling space for them— to play, to grow, to make a dent in the Universe through audio.

Building a good product is hard. Every day, our customers challenge us to step up and to test the limit of what we think we can do. I’m immensely grateful for that. And we’re very, very honored to serve the growth of so many amazing audio creators, and to grow with them.

We’re a lucky bunch.