Put Your Audios in Good Hands

We give your listeners maximum flexibility in how they consume your audios, without risking the safety of your content

14 day free trial. No credit card required.

Own your content

With Soundwise, you’re the sole owner of your content and related data. No more worrying about unauthorized copying and sharing of your proprietary audio files.

With us, your audios are always consumed in the secure enclosure of our web and mobile apps.

Authenticated audio access

Your audios are stored in SSL protected cloud storage with 99.99% uptime. We authenticate each request for your audio files to make sureonly listeners who have registered for your content can access your audios.

For subscription-based audio programs, access will only be granted when the user’s subscription payment is current.

Secured mobile application

The Soundwise app provides your listeners with the option to download audios to their mobile device for convenient offline listening. The downloaded audio files are stored as part of the app’s memory, and cannot be moved or accessed outside the app.

Secure checkout process

Your customers’ payment information is protected by stringent encryption during the checkout process, and sent securely to our payment service provider, Stripe, without ever touching our database.

This ensures your customers’ sensitive information is always protected.

30-day money back guarantee. No risks required.