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Dr. Radisha Brown, known as America’s #1 Breakup Therapist provides lessons and insights from her breakup and divorce that caused gain 80 pounds to her physical, mental and spiritual transformation. She shows you the connection between emotional pain and physical weight to help you heal.


Girl, Get Off the Couch is the groundbreaking self-help book you desperately need to drop the weight and All negative thinking attacking your feelings of self-worth!

In this candid, how-to-guide, Dr. Radisha Brown- a licensed therapist and wellness expert- drops bite size nuggets to help readers:

• Shatter Negative Thinking

• Obliterate poor eating habits

• Identify trigger moments that lead to overeating

• Establish healthy weight loss goals that actually work ….

And so much more!

A product of the foster care system, a demoralizing failed marriage, depression, rejection, and a constantly growing waist line - Dr. Radisha Brown overcame every statistic, every naysayer, and obstacle thrown her way. She is a survivor!

Grab this book if you want to overcome the mental hang-ups of your self-worth and weight loss journey Today!


Learn how to drop the negative thinking attacking your feeling of self-worth


Dr. Radisha Brown
Dr. Radisha Brown, America's #1 Breakup Therapist, survived child abandonment, built the courage to leave a broken marriage and regained her mental health and physical wellness by losing 80 pounds. She wrote her story in the best-selling book, Girl, Get Off the Couch where she shares her journey from obesity to a healthy size 6 by focusing on her mental wellness. She is the host of Girl, Get Off the Couch Podcast where she focuses on helping women to overcome trauma, pain, and weight gain. Through her life motto, best-selling book, and transformational services, Dr. Radisha wants to help you GET OFF the couch and take your life back!

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