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The I Kicked Sugar course will radically reconstruct your life painlessly, effortlessly and quickly. Changing your relationship with food and having you kick sugar out of your life for good. Self-paced 10 module course designed to do over 21 days. 19 Tracks, 3 hours 34 minutes

The I Kicked Sugar Course is a self-paced 10 module course designed to do over 21 days. At the end of each module there is a review section and tasks to complete. You’ll learn the science and psychology of why you eat and crave sugar, the emotions and circumstances that keep you eating and then FINALLY THE WAY OUT.

These are the exact same revelations... the exact same steps I used to kick sugar four years ago.

YES! You can actually retrain YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS

TO NO LONGER DESIRE SUGAR and I’m going to show you how.

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Learn the science and psychology of why you eat and crave sugar.
Learn how to spot hidden sugars.
Learn what foods to eat to kick your cravings to the curb.
Learn the mindset shift to reclaim your health and happiness.
Learn how to reprogram your patterns to never have to diet again or use willpower.


Joyce Laszloffy
Nutrition and fitness enthusiast, Joyce Laszloffy, turned her passion for healthy living into the I Kicked Sugar Community, a woman-owned and operated company. Joyce created a unique breakout course to transform your life painlessly and effortlessly while changing your relationship with food and kicking sugar out of your life for good.

After kicking sugar four years ago, Joyce quickly noticed how serious sugar addiction is and that it is quickly becoming a global epidemic. Through her years of “sobriety” as she calls it, she started to notice, she wasn’t alone and that so many women struggle with eating healthy and torment themselves with self-abusive language in their head.

This set her on a path to help others who suffer from sugar addiction while turning her devotion for wellness into a business.

Out of the endless encounters and stories she heard sharing her journey with other women, she decided to create a step by step Course that would help other women finally be free of sugar and junk food once and for all.

Hence the I Kicked Sugar Course was born. In her self-paced 10 module course, she teaches you the science and psychology of why you eat and crave sugar, the emotions, and circumstances that keep you eating, and finally the way out. These revelations have changed her life, and she guarantees they’ll change yours too.

Prior to creating the, I Kicked Sugar course, Joyce trained and received her degree as an LMT and Health Care Assistant from PTMC in 2002 and was licensed by The State Board Of Arizona and held an active license with the State and The National Board for 15 years. Her training covered and required many hours on different health aspects including but not limited to: Physiology, Anatomy (Biosciences of the body), nutrition, pathology, pharmacology, healthcare nutrition as well as an externship in a cadaver lab at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Later she went on to own and operate many successful businesses in the health and service industry, including a mini day spa, a super greens supplement company, and a party & event planning company. She says all these businesses have given her a unique perspective and experience for her course. All you have to do is look at her website, and you’ll notice her extensive background in health and design that shines through in the philosophy and brand of the I Kicked Sugar Community.

Joyce was born and raised in Storrs, Connecticut, but has made Arizona her home for the last 28 years. She resides in North Scottsdale with her husband of 20 years, Luke, and their 14-year-old son, Owen.

When she’s not working on I Kicked Sugar, you can find her at the gym lifting weights. Joyce also loves hot yoga, five-minute meditations, and hiking with her family. In 2013, she took 5th place in the Bikini Classic Division at the Fitness America Weekend Las Vegas Competition, which had over 500 competitors from around the world. Joyce graduated magna cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping people change their lives by reclaiming their health and happiness through kicking sugar out of their lives.


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