Create A Profitable Podcast That Radically Increases Your Sales, Conversions, And Customer Loyalty In 8 Weeks

Without the overwhelms, tech headaches, and uncomfortable sales pitches. Even if you are not a “good speaker” and know nothing about podcasting.

Stop running the customer acquisition hamster wheel

If you are a coach, consultant, service provider, or online entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to get your message out there these days. It’s a noisy world we live in. Most hardworking business owners struggle because they spend so much time working on things that have a low return-- feeding their social media accounts with low-conversion content and calling it “marketing”, or cold calling prospects and running after individual leads that don’t amount to must most of the time.
You may have had the sad realization that the endless social media treadmill-running hardly moves the needle for your business. And trying to hunt down individual prospects and prove yourself to each and every one of them is absolutely exhausting.
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What if you can have a reliable way to spread your message that regularly brings in additional revenue every month…while establishing yourself as an industry leader and subject-matter expert?

Statistics of podcast listeners in US Population
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, podcasting has been growing by leaps and bounds. The number of podcast listeners in the US is increasing at about 40% a year. There are now more podcast listeners in the country than Twitter users.
Businesses of all sizes and industries, from your local hardware store to large enterprises like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company, are starting their own podcast to generate new leads, market their brand, and convert more customers.

Why? Because--


Even if you’ve had your own blog/vlog or been able to get press coverage, having your own podcast can help you:
Get more customers to buy from you
Your podcast is an amazing tool for showcasing your expertise, building your brand recognition, and creating an ongoing, trusting relationship with existing and potential customers. 
Stand out from your competition
Your podcast is the stage for you to claim the rock star status in your industry. It creates an intimate opportunity for your existing and potential buyers to get to know the unique you and what you offer, without you un-scalably trying to chase them down individually. 
Boost your industry authority status
Your podcast is your speaking podium without time limit. It helps you attract other speaking, writing and media exposure opportunities. Depending on the format of your podcast, it also helps you build relationship with other top players in your industry and further solidity your authority status.
Generate consistent, reliable revenue
Your podcast, if executed right, becomes a powerful, evergreen customer acquisition funnel. It gives customers the opportunity to come to you and get to know the unique value you provide. It helps you build customer relationships in a scalable manner. So that you can grow your business faster and make a bigger impact.
Here's a secret...
You can still have the early mover advantage in podcasting. That’s why you should start now
If you’ve had the foresight to start a YouTube channel back in 2005, or start an Instagram account in 2010, your business would have been so much more successful than where it is now. Alas, you missed those opportunities. Once EVERYBODY has jumped on the vlogging and social media bandwaggen, it’s too late. Getting yourself seen and heard through those channels is now insanely difficult.

Although podcasting as a medium has been around for a while, its takeoff is still a recent event. Here’s a comparison to put things in perspective. There’re currently around 500k active podcasts. If that seems like a large number, consider this-- Youtube has 50 million channels and there’re 350 million blogs on Tumblr alone. (Is there any wonder that only five people read your blog?)
Right now is the perfect time to ride the surging wave of podcasting, before the huge crowd catches on. Because today, if you do podcasting right (meaning: with the right content and right strategy), you still have the opportunity to capture a substantial audience base that has the potential to become your biggest business asset, with relatively small effort. One year or two years from now, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the same.
So you want to start a podcast?


As a three-time podcast host, I have built a successful personal development teaching and coaching business around my top-of-iTunes podcast. As the founder of Soundwise, I’ve had the honor to help podcast hosts design, create, and grow their podcasts almost every day.

Over time I realized something interesting-- I could pretty much tell whether a podcast was going to succeed or not, just by looking at how the host planned for and ran the podcast. When a podcast fails to get traction, it’s usually not because of a lack of talent, charisma, or expertise about the subject matter on the host’s part. And it’s certainly not because creating a podcast is all that difficult.

It’s usually because the host does not have the right content strategy and audience building system in place to make their podcast stand out from the crowd and convert listeners into customers.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that cause new podcasts to fail:


Not treating the podcast like a product offering

Many new hosts start their podcast blindly following the successful podcasts they’ve listened to. The result is a large number of “me too” podcasts that merely create noise in the podcasting space and not benefit the host in any tangible way. 

If you want your podcast to go places, treat it like a product you create for your potential customers. Thinking through what problem your podcast is solving for your listeners and what are the unique benefits your podcast offers is the basic foundation for your podcasting success.

Not thinking through the “end game”

Amateur podcast hosts often have no idea where their podcast is located on their customer’s journey. If you ask them, “Why are you doing a podcast?” They tell you things like “to build my brand”, “to spread my message”. While those are legit goals, they are much too vague to provide any guidance in terms of how to best structure your podcast and what type of content you should create.

Not thinking through the relationship between your podcast and your other products/services is the surefire way to waste a bunch of time and money running in circles with your podcast. 

Focus on expanding reach prematurely

When I coach new podcast hosts, their first question is often times “How do I get more listeners?” I totally understand the desire for more exposure. But here’s the counter-intuitive truth: when you start a new podcast, getting more listeners should be the least of your concerns! 

Your limited time and energy should be focused on optimizing your podcast first-- learning what you need to say and how you should say it on air, to create a memorable impression in your listeners’ mind and heart. If you don’t have a high-converting podcast in the first place, you’d just be wasting the listener traffic you work hard to obtain, and not getting much business benefit in the end. 

Not having a scalable work process in place

Podcasting today is easier than ever. Still, there’re a lot of different logistical components to a successful podcast, e.g. planning your tracks, choosing the right recording and editing setup, creating descriptions and other supplementary materials… And if you host an interview podcast, there’s another layer of logistics involving guest booking, onboarding, recording and promotion. 

Without having an organized, efficient work process, what you will find is there are stumbling blocks everywhere and you spend an ungodly amount of time and energy fixing problems instead of creating high-converting content. 
If you’re going to create a podcast, don’t do it haphazardly. Treat it like a serious project and follow an effective system to plan, create, and grow your podcast.

I’m passionate about helping experts, coaches and entrepreneurs spread their message. Because by helping you make a difference in your audience’s life, I’m also indirectly creating a bigger impact in the world. I firmly believe that podcasting can become your biggest business asset-- getting you more customers and cash flow while changing more lives-- if you do it right.

That’s why I gathered my personal knowledge in creating and growing multiple successful podcasts, and my experience working with hundreds of podcast hosts and audio course creators, to bring to you the Podcast Conversion Master Course-- a step by step system to create and grow a highly profitable podcast that helps you effectively capture an audience and turn your audience into real fans and customers. 
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Everything you need to create a steller podcast that helps you drastically increase your sales conversion, elevate your expert status, and get more paying customers

The Podcast Conversion Master Course is the only podcasting course that not only gives you the logistical step-by-steps of creating your own podcast, but teaches you the powerful audio content strategies that help you convert more listeners into customers, while being naturally you, without sounding salesy or pushy. You will also learn how to build an engaged listener community that increases customer loyalty and lifetime value.

What’s Inside

(All of the course content are immediately available via Soundwise web and mobile apps after enrollment)
5 modules of course lessons in audio and PDF slides

Checklists & Templates

Bonus materials

What You Will Learn

Module one, you will learn positioning and setting the foundation for high converting podcast

Module 1: Positioning, Positioning, Positioning… a.k.a. Set the Foundation for A High Converting Podcast

Before you create any content, you need to get clear on a few big-picture elements that set your podcast up for success. By end of Module 1, you will:
  • Have perfect clarity on the specific ways your podcast will contribute to the customer journey for your business
  • Identify exactly who you’re creating your podcast for and what make them tick 
  • Learn the secret to create your audio charisma on demand, while being authentically you
  • Lay the foundation to set your podcast apart from the competitions and get loyal listeners
  • Learn a highly effective framework to help position your podcast that quickly grabs your listeners
Module two, you will learn to design your essential podcasting assets

Module 2: Design your essential podcasting assets to immediately impresses and hooks listeners

Your podcast needs a unique “store front” to hook listeners and then viable content strategies to produce great tracks and make your listeners come back for more. By end of Module 2, you will:
  • Understand the pros and cons of different podcast formats, and determine the format for your podcast that will be most beneficial to your business
  • Have a high converting podcast title, tagline, and description to stand out from the crowd
  • Create a podcast cover art that conveys who you are and speaks to your ideal customers
  • Learn the different types of track topics and how they contribute to your customer conversion. Determine the right mix of your podcast topics.
  • Learn the secret to never run out of high-converting track topic ideas
Module three, you will learn How to craft high-converting podcast tracks from start to finish

Module 3: How to craft high-converting podcast tracks from start to finish

Once you turn on the mic, what do you need to say to get listeners hooked and come back? This module teaches you the nitty gritty of creating high-converting tracks. By end of Module 3, you will:
  • Craft a concise and compelling track intro that clearly speaks to your ideal listeners
  • Learn a 5-part high converting track formula that makes your audience want to buy from you
  • Get the secrets to create a powerful “audio presence” that makes listening to you a mesmerizing experience
  • Discover what stories you need to tell and how to tell them in your tracks that move your audience to take actions
  • Find out how to conduct high converting guest interviews that create win-win for you and your guests
Module four, you will learn to build your audience tribe like a pro

Module 4: Build your audience tribe like a pro to inspire die-hard fans and repeat customers

The best customers are repeat customers. And building a trusting relationship with your listeners on air and off air is crucial for a sustaining business. By end of Module 4, you will:
  • Understand why having an audience community is a powerful conversion tool and how to get your first 100 real fans
  • Learn effective tactics to get your audience more engaged and invested in your community
  • Discover the top strategies to get your audience to start talking to you and to each other
  • Learn simple, reliable ways to continue improving your podcast with the help of your tribe
  • Find out how to leverage your listener feedback to create amazing new products/services that practically sell themselves
Module five, you will learn the most powerful strategies to expand your podcast’s reach and get more listeners

Module 5: The most powerful strategies to expand your podcast’s reach and get more listeners

You’ve built a top notch, high-converting podcast. Now it’s time to promote it and get more ears on your podcast. By end of Module 5, you’ll:
  • Learn how to turn your existing listeners and your guests into a highly effective (and free) marketing team
  • Discover an effective content repurpose strategy that easily increases the reach of every track by tenfold
  • Learn the top strategies to get more traffic to your podcast without spending a lot of money
  • Find out how to leverage your show notes and descriptions to build your email list
  • Get a fail-proof roadmap to consistently and reliably grow your podcast

Your Instructor

Natasha Che is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of Soundwise, the #1 mobile-focused audio publishing platform for experts, influencers and solo entrepreneurs to sell on-demand audios and to leverage their podcast to grow their email list and build an audience tribe.

She is also a personal growth teacher and an award-winning podcast host. She currently hosts the top-of-iTunes podcast, The School of Intuition. 

Natasha has coached over 200 experts and entrepreneurs on how to use podcasting to grow their business. She has been featured on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, YourTango, Elephant Journal, Sivana East, among others. 

Natasha holds a PhD in Economics from Georgetown University and lives in Washington DC.

If you put in the effort and do the homeworks, here’s what you can expect from taking the Podcast Conversion Master Course…

In 8 weeks you will have created a kickass podcast that becomes one of your most profitable assets in business, for years to come
You will be in possession of a most powerful marketing tool, which opens doors for you that you didn’t know existed, allowing you to earn more, make a bigger difference, and achieve more freedom in your life and business 
You will have the absolute confidence in your ability to create amazing audio content that get your listeners hooked and get you more customers
You will have crystal clarity about how to consistently grow your podcast to get more listeners, what you need to say and how you need to say it on air to turn listeners into subscribers and loyal customers

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With this bonus module, you’ll get a checklist of tools you need and a simple workflow set up that result in a great sounding podcast produced in a streamlined manner. No more overwhelm and confusion about podcasting tech. 

The Podcast Conversion Master Course is for you if…

You’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur or professional service provider who want to get more customers and get your existing customers to buy more from you
You know that your business will grow and you will make a bigger impact in the world if you can get your message and your knowledge out to more people
You’re tired of being the best-kept secret in your industry
You know having a podcast can significantly benefit your brand and your business. And you want to do it the right way to save you time, headache and get the business results you deserve
Or maybe you’ve done podcasting before. But you didn’t have a reliable strategy to actually get business benefit from your podcast. And you’re committed to up your podcast conversion game to grow more customers and revenues.
Up your podcasting game with no risk

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

I truly want you to get the benefit of having an amazing podcast that will help you convert and keep more customers. And I have built this course to help you accomplish just that. If you sincerely put in the effort to do the work recommended in the course curriculum, I promise you that your effort will be rewarded. That being said, if you don’t feel like it worked for you after doing the full course work, simply submit the work you’ve done (including the worksheets, checklists, and the podcast you’ve created), within 30 days of purchase, I will refund your course fee in full. This is only for people who have really put in the effort to do the work. So if you’d like a refund, make sure you submit proof that you’ve completed all the assignments and action steps in the course with your best effort.

Thirty days money back gurantee on Soundwise's audio course

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