Sarah Blocksidge - 10 Minute Mindfulness Fomula
Sarah has over 25 years experience working with clients holistically. She is passionate about engaging people in their own healing journey and this is the intention she holds in mind when creating courses, workshops and sharing mindfulness strategies. Sarah started her own healing journey in 1999 with Reiki and Reflexology, long before they were accepted in the mainstream! Sarah became a Reiki Master in 2005 and has continually sought to develop herself and her understanding of energy and emotions as the key to health and wellbeing since then. She is also a Yoga & Meditation teacher and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Sarah has been working with the 10 minute mindfulness concept very successfully with clients and students for a number of years and the tracks and membership here on Soundwise are another way she is choosing to share her meditations and visualisations.