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Reveal your 12 Strand DNA Template with the transformative power of sound. Activate your ability to heal and manifest through the celestial Base-12 music available at Asim’s Online Store. Transcend to higher states of consciousness and tap into abundance by engaging in spiritual upliftment.

Embody your 12 Strand DNA and restore your original divine blueprint. Move beyond your ego conditioning and enter into the Eternal Heart of Source. Become the empty vessel that is needed for Source’s Infinity Abundance to flow into you. Expand your consciousness with all 12 waves of frequencies now. 

When Source wished to express itself, there was vibration, and this vibration resulted in two aspects: Light and Sound. These Ascension Frequency Sounds are meant to help you remember and reawaken your Infinite Eternal Divine Nature, Source's omnipresent love, light, and abundance within. 

We created Ascension Frequency Sounds to allow you to connect your consciousness into the Kryst Consciousness, and then also out into the Pre-Light and Pre-Sound beyond to the Infinity Source Field of Creation. You will expand your consciousness into divine bliss, enlightenment and abundance. 

Listen to our sample track on YouTube .  

Frequency up your spiritual DNA ...

The way the double helix DNA is supposed to work is to have the energy of all 12 waves of sounds and 12 waves of the 12-star systems flowing through them. This allows for the reactivation of the Eternal Infinite God Human who is based on the PERFECT 12.

Ascension Frequency Sounds involve and include that 12 waves of frequencies, because that is what we are all made of. That is our 12 strand DNA. This is the most potent frequency music restoring your Inner Divine Self, which also activates your psychic senses and your manifestation power. 

Anyone who listens will have their frequencies raised to a level that will allow them to experience a new reality. These sounds transform the consciousness of those who listen.

However, with our Ascension Frequency Sounds you will reclaim your divine self-sovereignty on the path back to organic spiritual ascension.


You will get full access to ALL Ascension Frequency Sounds:

12 Strand 144 DNA Activation - Restore Your Original Divine Blueprint / Length 59:04 min'
12 Strand DNA Quick Activation - Restore Your Original Divine Blueprint / Length 19:60 min'

12 Strand + 144 DNA Activation restores your DNA strand's original blueprint to the right frequency. These Ascension Frequency Sounds allow you to get in touch with your higher self and awaken the dormant Angelic Human 12 DNA strand DNA template (including your 144 subharmonics) in you. Even those who have already begun their ascension process will find a more rapid and complete transition upon listening to these Ascension Frequency Sounds.

Ultimate DNA Activation - Restore Your Original Divine DNA Blueprint / Length 12:15 min'

From the spiritual perspective, there is no useless DNA. All these so-called “Junk DNA” are dormant pieces of information that could not awaken (till now) because of blockages, distortions, or unnatural seals in the Earth and human DNA as a result of the degradation of genetic material and energetic downgrades caused by fallen negative beings. 

This Ultimate DNA Healing Frequency Sounds heal all reversals and distortions in your DNA. Due to current global spiritual events, our spiritual DNA is ready to get restored to its original divine 12-strand (and even higher) blueprint.

New Earth Grounding - Fulfill Your Highest Purpose / Length 24:04 min'  

New Earth Grounding Ascension contain all of the magic that the Sun is accelerating into the Earth's atmosphere and crust. They also contain the frequencies of the NEW DNA that came to Earth recently when the five planets sent their stellar wave activations to Earth. 

NEW EARTH GROUNDING is here for you to help you grid yourself fully into the New Earth timeline of 5D and higher. You are about to anchor your whole being into higher dimensions of the New Earth NOW. Become the next-generation human and ground yourself into organic grids of our planet and fulfil your highest spiritual purpose with greater ease and grace. 

Mind of God - Ignite Your Divine Spark / Length 18:06 min'

The Mind of God is your own personal neuronet and DNA connection into all that is a part of you. It connects to all of your Souls, Over Souls, Rishi Selves and Avatar Selves to allow you to connect to the knowing of all that is to be known. When we stay completely in the Mind of God, the body will naturally heal. When we stay completely in the Mind of God, we will manifest our deepest desires. 

Liquid Light Healing - The Ultimate Bioregenesis / Length 30:28 min'

If you want to use the frequencies specifically for healing any part of the body, you should focus on feeling and absorbing those frequencies into the cells that seem to be tired or damaged. See each cell at its most etheric point. That is the spark of Source at the crystal heart of the atom. That is the Omni particle that Source Forms into the idea of God's IMMORTAL CREATIONS. 

BONUS TRACK: COMPLETE HEALTH 3.0 / Length 30:14 min' 

This Complete Health Quantum Audio Journey contains all high energy superfoods, antioxidants, Divine Codes, Seals Removal, and energetic body, mind & spirit health-supporting quantum signatures. After years of personal divine connection and growth, scientific and technological research and evelopments, we are now able to have breakthroughs in unique and amazing ways to your own emotional, physical, mental and spiritual growth. We use specific scalar wave technologies and quantum energy signatures embedded into any physical or digital content.


Further information for listening to Ascension Frequency Sounds

You can listen to Ascension Frequency Sounds (AFS) consciously or unconsciously. You will be given clear instructions on how to work with the sounds if you decide to listen to them consciously. After purchase, please check your Inbox or (SPAM box) for further instructions.

• For best results, please listen with your headphones. You can listen to ASF while doing activities. However, keep in mind to not listen to them while operating heavy machinery. 

• Please download the Soundwise App on your phone to listen to AFS (you can also use your desktop computer). The app is intuitive and easy to use. 

• If you need technical support, please write to . Please write us for feedback about ASF to We would love to hear from you and know how you are doing! Thank you also for leaving a review on Soundwise in the future.



Listening to this amazing sounds makes me feel like flying. I see my Higher Self, my best future self calling me. I see clearly my new time line and the sounds are like stairs taking my higher and higher .. Also great tool to listen while going for a walk or buying some groceries ...they help me to stay on a higher level ... no matter what! Aamazing sounds Amazing composer .. what a gift! Thank you! Inés

I've listened to a lot of frequency music, DNA activation music, etc., but, yours is truly a much, much, higher frequency with true substance. I feel a divine reality activated that I have never experienced before. When I stumbled upon your website and listened to your music my whole being sang in harmony :) I've been searching for the high frequency music/sound technology for a long time because that's what was missing in my journey of healing myself; nothing really matched out there; Your music / sound technology is like a perfect & reliable GPS :) to get to connect with God Source :) Michael

What I really love about your music and frequencies voice is that I can FEEL higher frequencies accreting into my body when I listen to it, it's intelligence & purity is recognized by my body, soul, over soul and higher self and my being is welcoming it without any hesitation and there is this genuine trust and recognition that this type of healing is everlasting because I feel it with intention in my heart to be healed and your songs are a perfect match, just like you describe it on your website. Rita

When I listen to the music, I relax, and relax, deeper and deeper. I feel all the cells in my body filling with the frequencies and responding. And I feel myself sinking deeply into my body. And then I am out. Sometimes it seems that I see millions of stars around me. When the music stops, I am wide awake. Elga

This music would have a definite healing effect in medical institutions. It goes beyond religion and talks to a deep place in the heart. Tsutomu Shino M.D.

I have used your sounds in my private hospital. My patients have various mental disorders. When I play your music, the behaviour completely transforms. My patients become quiet and focused. I have recommended your music to their families. Sincerely, Dr. S. Thomas

I want the world to know that your sounds are by far the best frequency music ever created. In my opinion, it is the only true Consciousness Music that has been created. When we listen, we can truly feel it deep within the etheric tissues of our spiritual being and we can feel the connection to the Eternity of the Mind of God. I have used your music with my own therapy patients. The results have been wonderful. I am a person who likes to see patients healed immediately rather than returning for monthly visits. Your music has made this happen. Congratulations, and thank you so much for creating something truly substantial. Dr. G Lewis

When I closed my eyes and started to listen to the tracks on the 3rd or 4th day I had a huge flash of white light so bright and bold like I have never seen before. I usually will see white light or ultra violet blue through my Third eye and some visions of people’s faces or eyes and most recently patterns. KIM

I manifested a job pay increase that was twofold. It happened two days after I started listening to the sound frequencies. I was so excited to find your website and your music. It was like a dream come true. I knew about some of the old New Age teachings, but they never felt inspiring to me. I know that what you are saying is true. I can feel a new reality in the music. I have been struggling with money problems, but I know that the investment will be worthwhile.

For legal reasons, it is to be mentioned that Ascension Frequency Sounds do not replace treatments from a medical doctor or therapist. The current law does not allow healing to be promised for this kind of service.

Ascension Frequency Sounds - Ignite Your Divine Spark

Become the empty vessel that is needed for Source’s Infinity Abundance to flow into you
Move beyond your own conditioning and enter into the Mind of Your Inner God Self
Remove destructive patterns and habits to allow your soul's deepest desires come alive
Tap into infinite abundance of fulfillment, prosperity and bliss
Activate and embody your 12 Strand DNA and restore your original divine blueprint
Remember that you can have a lot of fun along your spiritual path :-)

Asim Aliloski

Asim Aliloski
Asim Aliloski is a multi-award-winning empowerment coach, spiritual healer and new thought leader who uses Base-12 light and sound healing teachnology to help people break free from destructive patterns such as unworthiness, sabotage, fears, and suffering.

Utilizing a protocol rooted in Maharata sacred mechanics, Asim guides individuals towards their divine nature and elevates their state of consciousness, allowing them to experience profound personal growth and spiritual awakening.

He has been named one of Forbes Magazine's "Top 10 Business Coaches 2022", Brainz Magazine's "Global 500 Influential 2022", and Global Business Award's "Spiritual Leader of the Year 2022".


1: How do I access the audios?

After you register for the audio program, you will be instructed to download the Soundwise mobile app. When you sign in on the app, the program you registered for will automatically load in your library.

2: Can I listen offline?

Yes. Tap on the download icon next to an audio track will download the track to your phone. Simply download the audios when you have wifi and you can listen to them anywhere you go.

3: What should I do if I have technical issues?

Check out common troubleshooting tips here. If the issue is not resolved, please write to

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