The Intelligent Body® Movement Program- Freeing Your Spine Vertebra By Vertebra

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Volume 2 Lesson 1: Freeing Your Spine Vertebra By Vertebra

In this lesson, Freeing Your Spine Vertebra By Vertebra, you'll discover how balance and good alignment can increase power.

You'll identify each part of your spine and clarify how your legs and spine are connected by your pelvis.

You'll work lying on your back.

  • Before you begin this or any other Movement lesson, make sure to find a quiet, comfortable piece of the floor, preferably a part with some cushion carpeting. Choose an area covered with a carpet or a mat large enough for you to lie down and stretch out your arms and legs in all directions without being constrained by furniture or any objects. 

  • Wear the most comfortable clothing you have, making sure not to have on shoes, belts, heavy jewelry, or any constrictive clothes whatever. 

  • This lesson and most of the lessons I've designed for you are about 45 minutes long. This is an ideal length of time for the maximum benefit for most people, and I recommend you do one whole lesson at a time. However, if you find it uncomfortable to complete the lesson, either because of physical discomfort or an inability to concentrate for the whole time, please feel free to stop and continue later in the day or even the next day. 

  • There are several obvious pauses throughout each lesson where you could stop if need be. If you must separate a lesson into two parts, make sure you complete at least half a lesson so the benefits are clear. Don't wait for more than one day between sessions. That way, the experience of both halves can be more easily integrated. 

  • When you have time to return to a lesson after a break, I suggest you lie down and try to recall as much of the lesson as you can before you continue. One way of doing this is to imagine what you have done to the best of your ability and then try to repeat any of the movements that you remember. Some people find rewinding one section of movements and replaying it helps better integrate the second part of the lesson into the whole. But do remember, each lesson is designed as an integrated experience and, therefore, should be performed from start to finish in one session if at all possible.

  • Do not feel compelled to do every movement in each lesson. If I'm giving an instruction and you feel some old injury hurt or something is simply impossible for· you, rest on your back. Imagine the rest of the sequence that you're finding difficult. Then when you've rested sufficiently, return to finish the lesson. Do not feel compelled to go on in pain or fatigue.

  • Tired muscles are incapable of learning something new. We're not interested in exercising old habits here, but we are interested in developing a better, more effective way of functioning with a more intelligent body.


Frank Wildman, PhD
These lessons are designed by Dr. Frank Wildman, well-known author and lecturer who has worked with 1000s of people worldwide during his career as a movement educator and therapist. He originally founded the Movement Studies Institute in 1985. He helped found the Well Back Clinic at the University of California and has pioneered seminars and professional training programs in the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais throughout the United States, Australia and Europe with the purpose of providing a comprehensive approach to the science and art of human movement.


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