4. Climbing Higher: Arms, Shoulders & Hands

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Clarify use of your shoulder girdle, arms, and hands. Uncover hidden connections between your fingers and your arm pits, between your shoulder blades, through your arms. Taste the possibility of your shoulder girdle floating on your thorax.

Clarify use of your shoulders, arms & hands in the fourth series under the theme Discover Yourself from the Ground Up.

Your shoulders are ball-and-socket joints, like your hip joints. Most us overuse our shoulders and arms, and under-utilize the power of our pelvic girdle, low back, and legs. Discover how to re-distribute the work, so your big muscles and bones do their job. 

Move small to go big!


Increased ease in using your hands and arms.
More space for your breath.


Angela Alston
I help formerly active people with sedentary jobs re-discover movement ease. I have a strong interest in working with performers, movers and meditators—dancers, actors, musicians—people whose instrument is their physical self. This arises from my own background in dance, theater, film, and meditation. My studies and interests have led me towards making the practice and teaching of Feldenkrais a way of life. Majoring in biology and philosophy in college. Being involved in performing arts all my life. Loving to walk and bike. The practice of meditation. Being inspired by my parents to always ask, “how can I be of service?”


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