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Join JoAnne and Darris Alston Jr. on Couples C.H.A.A.T., a podcast about fostering a strong marriage through open communication. Get expert insights and practical tips for navigating tough topics and building a fulfilling relationship.

Couples C.H.A.A.T, the podcast, is a vibrant platform offering couples a safe space for candid conversations, hosted by JoAnne and Darris Alston Jr. Together, we share our journey of fostering a strong marriage through open communication. Join us as we delve into crucial topics such as finances and family planning, exploring why difficult discussions are the cornerstone of thriving relationships.

Through relatable anecdotes, expert insights, and practical tips, we aim to equip couples with the tools to navigate tough conversations and cultivate a fulfilling marriage. This podcast was born from our desire to create a space where couples can hear, discuss, and relate to thought-provoking topics. We offer new approaches to handling tough issues with respect and self-awareness, using advanced emotional regulation techniques.

As hosts of the Couples C.H.A.A.T podcast, we believe our story is one that must be shared with the world. Our experiences have the power to change perspectives and minds, not just for couples but also for individuals seeking to prepare themselves for successful relationships. Join us on this transformative journey as we share our insights, challenges, and triumphs, inspiring couples to embrace open communication and build stronger, more resilient relationships.


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