Lenny from Vinci: Strategies for Creatives

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Lenny From Vinci is a strategy guide for the creative class, based on the life of Leonardo da Vinci. Follow LDV through the Italian Renaissance, learning 15 "Lenny Lessons" for success. Enjoy 9+ hours of vital strategy, vibrant history and wonderful storytelling with writer/humorist Hugh Gallagher.


Lenny from Vinci paints a bright new picture of humanity's greatest creative hero

Follow LDV through the Italian Renaissance, learning 15 "Lenny Lessons" which made him the greatest artist in history. Sharing vital insights for survival and success, Lenny from Vinci provides valuable strategies for creatives today. 

With Lenny from Vinci, creative journeyman Hugh Gallagher finds the Da Vinci for our times. Drawing on decades of personal experience in creative industries, Hugh blends modern professional strategy with Italian Renaissance history. The result is a freshly relevant LDV, designed to inspire today's creative class. 


Learn Strategies for Creative Success
Learn the Life of Leonardo da Vinci
Learn History of Renaissance Italy
Enjoy entertaining storytelling, and profitable wisdom


Hugh Gallagher
Hugh Gallagher is the author of the world's most famous College Application Essay, and his journalism has appeared in Rolling Stone, Wired, and Newsweek. His novel Teeth was called a "dental masterpiece" by Gore Vidal and "On The Road for the MTV Generation" by the New York Post. He wrote scripts for Daft Punk videos directed by Spike Jonze, and is the creator of Von Von Von. Hugh's brand creative work includes Nike, Microsoft, a world cup campaign for Adidas, and the launch of tech startup Gogoro. He has worked and lived in the US, Europe, and Asia, and his latest comedy novel is Chicken 65.


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