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Boardgame Babylon is back after....a while. We're starting with an interview with game designer John D. Clair when he was our Guest of Honor at Strategicon's Gamex 2023 over the Memorial Day Weekend 2023. We'll see how often this gets updated, but maybe there will be more tracks about other topics.

John D. Clair interview hosted by E.R. Burgess at Gamex 2023. We hope you enjoy the show.

E.R. Burgess

Eric R Burgess
Eric R Burgess is a writer, technology leader, blogger/podcaster, and lover of tabletop games. His award-winning podcast, Boardgame Babylon, originally ran from 2005 to 2015. He spends his days writing books and articles while also making software that enriches human lives. His upcoming book, Optional Rules: Variants for Life Learned from Board Games, is nearly complete and should see release in 2024.


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