Guided Body/Mind (Level 2) Relaxation Meditation

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The Level 1 relaxation is great to begin with if you have a racing mind, an intellect that over thinks and find it hard to stop and just be. Level 1 is designed for such people. High achievers and high thinkers. Once you have the ability to switch off, you may be ready for this program - Level 2.

The Level 1 program is recorded at a beta/alpha level frequency. Level 2 takes you further, to a theta level brain wave frequency. What does that mean? It means the pace is slower. The pauses are longer, I guide you at a slower pace. I am at that level myself as I guide your body and mind to follow and relearn what it is like to relax even deeper still. For some people they have never experienced such a depth ever before. (Especially if you had a very stressful childhood and could never drop down and rest properly.)

This level 2 program is designed to follow on from Level 1. So I recommend starting with the Level 1 program then advancing to this program when you have mastered the alpha level of relaxation first. When you are ready for it, this program is ready to take you there. More depth, more peace, more healing and healthy rest for the cells of your body. They will thank you for it!


1: How do I access the audios?

After you register for the audio program, you will be instructed to download the Soundwise mobile app. When you sign in on the app, the program you registered for will automatically load in your library.

2: Can I listen offline?

Yes. Tap on the download icon next to an audio track will download the track to your phone. Simply download the audios when you have wifi and you can listen to them anywhere you go.

3: What should I do if I have technical issues?

Check out common troubleshooting tips here. If the issue is not resolved, please write to

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