New, Old & Forgotten Remedies

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Dr. Murphy presents and discusses rare and unusual remedies, including venoms, radioactive substances, and imponderables, with a focus on practical applications and analysis of case histories. Also covers philosophical topics such as the Materia Medica and the Law of Similars.

In Dr. Murphy's New, Old & Forgotten Remedies lecture, many rare and peculiar remedies are presented with their practical application emphasized. Remedy groups discussed include insect and spider venom, radioactive, magnetic and imponderables, remedies from our environment and rare remedies with potential new uses. Selected topics on philosophy include health and longevity, various ways of perceiving the Materia Medica, new perspectives on the Law of Similars and Herings Law. Case histories are analyzed and discussed.

Seminar Points include

  • Health/hygiene
  • Signs of health
  • Rejuvenation techniques
    • Homeopathy
    • Internal exercise
    • Herbs
    • Mental hygiene
    • Dreaming
    • Diet
  • Case examples
    • morning sickness
    • coughing spasms
    • temper tantrums
    • high blood pressure
    • earaches
    • headaches
    • hyperactivity
    • sever sleep disorder
    • severe dysmenorrhea
  • Home remedies
  • Bowel Nosodes

and more.

*Supplementary handouts mentioned in the lecture are not available.


Over 15 and a half hours of lecture
A review of various home remedies
A discussion of bowel nosodes
Analysis of several case histories


Dr. Robin Murphy, ND
Naturopath, homeopath, lecturer, and author of the MetaRepertory and Nature's Materia Medica (formerly Lotus Materia Medica).


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