Rising from the Fog

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My reinvention required me to shift to define, refine and preserve me. Reinvention isn’t easy, but it can be done.

My reinvention required me to shift to define, refine and preserve me. Reinvention isn’t easy, but it can be done. I know from my experience working with women, but more importantly because of the work I had to do on myself, that there is a process that works. The bottom line is you have to decide that you are ready to shift. You have to move. You can’t stay trapped in glass buildings and expect great things you see outside to come find you. Remaining stagnant and mediocre will result in you dreaming of purpose and never fulfilling it.


As the visionary behind Jolease Enterprises, Alethia brings over 20 years of human resources experience and her knowledge as both a life and career coach. She works with women to develop the mindset, courage and determination needed to move them from feelings of frustration and failure to the powerful and empowered platform they need to operate from.
As an Amazon #1 Best Selling author, Alethia has written three books. Her first book, 50 Things I’ve Learned on My Way to 50, provides a glimpse into her life, sharing the valuable lessons she learned as she approached middle age. She manages to find revelation in life’s experiences and shares the knowledge she has acquired through story and scripture. In her second book, Speaking My Truth, Alethia tells a story that displays her resilience and perseverance. In Women Crushing Mediocrity she shares about pushing past negative mindsets and breaking the barrier of mediocrity. Reinvented to Rise is Alethia’s first visionary project. She is excited about bringing together 14 brave women who tell their stories of reinviting to pursue the dream life that they desire.
As an international motivational speaker, Alethia speaks from her heart, believing that her journey is hers to live and her obligation to share as inspiration to others. She infuses her life into each talk, and her audiences are intrigued and encouraged as they recognize themselves in stories that she presents.


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