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This audiobook is dedicated to the sick and suffering, struggling with mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues- KNOW THAT THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE

I dedicate this audiobook first and foremost to GOD and my two beautiful daughters Isabella Jasmine James and Haley Brianna James. GOD gifted me with these two beautiful, intelligent, talented women who helped me survive my past and continue to be my inspiration for living every day. Thank you for always being there for me, supporting my dreams and being my number one fans. I pray that my past experiences will inspire you to have the COURAGE to speak up, walk in FAITH, always knowing and trusting that GOD will always be there to help you overcome any obstacle and to LOVE yourself and others UNCONDITIONALLY!!

I also dedicate this to those sick and suffering, struggling with mental health issues and or substance abuse issues, know that there is HOPE! 

To All of the AMAZING women GOD allowed me to cross paths with along the way of my journey, you know who you are, there are just too many to mention that have been inspirational, empowering and supportive; but here are just a few that have remained constant in my life and love me for who I am - Lee Vitaliano, Melissa Bryan, Jessica Berry, Sarah Broughton and Dr. Nicole Ozunion. Special Thank You to a beautiful angel here on earth- Nefretiri Mc Griff, I would not be allotted this opportunity to have my story be shared with so many, if it wasn’t for you. Thank You for always believing in me and being such a beautiful gift in my life. 

Finally, to my Birth Family- Thank You for giving me life and always pushing me to be greater!

To My Online Families (Support Group Members) Thank You for Your Support & Encouragement that strengthened my faith to step out and be Fierce, Fabulous and Free!


Natashah Khan
Natashah Khan was born and raised in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She is an Educator, increasing Awareness and understanding on Addiction, removing the STIGMA and its negative impact on families. Natashah is a motivational speaker, empowering the voices of those who were silenced due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, and unresolved trauma they have endured over their lifetime.

Natashah has earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, graduating Cum Laude; along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Mgt, graduating with honors. Natashah’s areas of expertise are substance abuse, treating dual diagnosis patients in an inpatient Mental Health setting for over two decades. Additionally for the last five years Natashah has been the Sole Developer & Facilitator of a Family Healing Retreat (3-day Seminar) focusing on familial relationships & her client’s relationship dynamics with their partners, their families, & individuals.

PASSION: Natashah has dedicated her time in healing relationships and is a published Author of 2 Virtual Articles- Understanding the Disease of Addiction and Victim to Victory; she is also, a contributing writer for a virtual magazine- I Shine Magazine

GOAL: Having been a survivor of Abuse and in Recovery for the last 11 years Natashah has established EMPOWERED VOICES LLC- where she is a Relational Coach focusing on Empowering others to have a voice, fulfill their life’s purpose and to heal from the wounds that have become disruptive and hindered their ability to live their lives in a fulfilling and meaningful way.


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