Neurofeedback for Trauma - Past Present and Future

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How to add neurofeedback to your service. Total running time 1hr 46mins.


It's not clear how change will come, but it's clear that change is coming. The current paradigms of treating mental health fall short.

The psychiatric view of mental health disorders as imbalances in brain chemistry treated by medication fails to address the root cause.

The psychological view of mental health disorders as learned behavioural issues has severe limitations. Psychosocial therapies that require the trauma to be reimagined (talking therapies, EMDR) are ineffective for many traumatised children, adolescents and adults.

Neurofeedback therapy reaches the parts other therapies cannot reach. It works at the physiological level first, building the scaffolding for psychological change.

The challenge has been understanding, adopting and scaling this obscure approach.

Stuart Black explains how these challenges can be addressed, makes the case for Neurofeedback for trauma, and describes how you can incorporate Neurofeedback therapy into your service.

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