Finding Grace within Grief: Her Transition...My Transformation

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This is a personal narrative on how to find grace within the grieving process and learn that grief is not a permanent holding space in our life.


This book is about utilizing the grief process to funnel a transformation within oneself. Grief is not linear or permanent. Experiencing heavy emotions such as sadness, depression, and anger for a period is a job nobody wants to work. However, EVERYBODY finds a seat at this place of employment at some point in their life. What if grief is the pathway for us to furnish the life of our dreams? This personal narrative is for individuals who want a new perspective on grief where they can become unstuck from the old coping mechanisms. My hope is for someone to start living again and put an end to society’s prescriptive tale on the crippling impacts of grief. The tools shared within gave me comfort on both the sunny and rainy days.

About The Author

Portia A. Booker
Portia Booker, better known as Portia the Producer, is a multi-media producer and storyteller from Cleveland, Ohio. She is the host and executive producer of Groove with Portia talk radio show and podcast. Portia is also a host on the Soulful Conversations Podcast with Dawn Airthart Witte and Stephanie Young. Portia coaches veteran and aspiring podcasters on how to improve their shows and performance. When Portia is away from hosting, you can find her producing other podcasts, speaking in front of audiences on her story, and recording audiobooks, taking photos, visiting museums or walking her furry companion Mr. Fletcher Blaze.
Natashah Khan
Natashah Khan is a Mental Health Therapist, Personal Development Coach, and Motivational Speaker who is increasing awareness on addiction and removing the stigma which places a negative impact on families. She is the founder of Empowered Voices, LLC, where she focuses on helping others to have a voice, fulfill their life's purpose and to heal from the wounds that have become disruptive and hindered their ability to live a life of purpose and meaning. Natashah is a published author of two articles, "Understanding the Disease of Addiction" and "Victim to Victory". She continues to share her message of removing the stigma around addiction on her podcast "Getting to The Root of It", where mental health and addiction come face to face.


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