Clinical Philosophy & Practice 1

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LM Prescribing, Hahnemann’s LM and water potency are discussed in depth, dosage adjustments for hypersensitives, and case taking and a brief LM pharmacy review is included.

Clinical Philosophy & Practice 1 provides an introduction to LM Prescribing. Hahnemann’s LM and water potency are discussed in depth. This lecture outlines dosage adjustments for hypersensitives and includes case taking and a brief LM pharmacy review.

Seminar topic index

  • Home study requirements 
  • Components/sources 
    • Vitality, vital energy, spirit 
    • Externals – food, water, air, heat, space 
  • Treatment guidelines (basic) 
  • Law of similars 
  • Secondary levels 
    • Mind, emotions, physical body 
  • Classical practice groups comparison 
    • Organon, Eizayaga, Mixers, Kentian, Half-homeopaths 
    • Aggravation 
    • Time of treatment/economics 
    • Antidoting 
    • Psychological 
    • Pathology 
    • Miasms 
    • Acutes 
    • Adjustments 
    • Range of potencies 
    • Adherence to Organon 
    • Education 
  • Asclepius analogy 
  • Sensitives
  • Remedy preparation (RSB) – continued
  • Theoretical support 
    • Research
    • Laws
    • Colloidal chemistry 
  • Water potencies
  • Global statistics
  • Hahnemann case examples (Paris years) 
    • Allopathic treatment
  • Vertical vs. lateral potentization 
  • Dose adjustments
  • Managing hypersensitives
  • Hypersensitive differential 
    • Ars
    • Thuja 
    • Phos 
    • Nit-ac 
    • Ign
    • Apis
    • Sulf
    • Med
    • Nat-m 
    • Lyco
    • Merc 
  • 5 elements
  • LM preparation 
    • Mother tincture 
    • LM/0
    • LM/1 
  • Substances to avoid
  • Poison ivy case study 
  • Psoriasis
  • Chickenpox

*This is a 2-day lecture given in 1996 by Dr. Robin Murphy, ND. Handouts that might be mentioned are not available.


An introduction to LM prescribing
LM Pharmacy review
Water potency discussion
Over 9 hours of lecture


Dr. Robin Murphy, ND
Naturopath, homeopath, lecturer, and author of the MetaRepertory and Nature's Materia Medica (formerly Lotus Materia Medica).


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