iMA Potential Unlimited Summit

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Listen and learn from recognized experts who will share with you how they are using iMA Relationship, Recruitment, Management, Selling, and Teaching Strategies to "Help People Grow

No matter where you live, or what you do, you are surrounded by miracles and limitless opportunities.

Many things exist in the world that we do not see because we are not looking for them.

We see the world we look for.

If you are looking for a way to help make your life easier, richer, happier and more productive join us!

Here you will receive and be taught how to use iMA's Multi-Focal Lens which will give you the power to
expand the range of your visual and intellectual rays.

To see yourself and the world around you through new eyes.
To see Areas of Brilliance within yourself and others.
Things that you do effortlessly that give you energy, keep you excited, and where you will gain your greatest rewards.

Listen and learn from recognized experts who will share with you how they are using iMA Relationship, Recruitment, Management, Selling and Teaching Strategies to "Help People Grow"

Learn iMA principles, Fundamentals, and Concepts that when practiced will help you to move in the direction of your dreams to Actualize your Personal Power, Potency and Potential.

Join us!

You'll be glad you did.

iMA Helping People Grow

The aim of the iMA Potential Unlimited Summit is to give you practical information that you can put to immediate use in your personal and professional life.
The focus is on learning, yet the format is lively and enjoyable and makes it fun to learn.
Give people the freedom to be themselves , including yourself.
Gain you renewed understanding of how you fit into your world, your relationship with others,and how to connect with them.
Appreciate yourself for what you are

Meet James Knight

James Knight
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we not do the things we know that we should?
Why do we do the things we know we should not?

I first began asking myself these questions when working as a sales representative for the Dale Carnegie organisation in the US.

My idea was that if I could discover a way of knowing what my clients were interested in and talk in terms of their interest and even look at things from their point of view then I could make more sales.
I discovered that the basic building block of learning was the ability to identify and observe patterns.
That 90% of what we do is patterned, programmed and predictable and where most people, feel most comfortable, most of the time.
I discovered that people give clues to their comfort zone based on how they look, what they say, how they say it, what they do and how they do it.
When I started to identify the comfort zone of my clients and talking in terms of their interests and matching my selling style with the clients buying style I made 4 x the number of sales and received international recognition for being in the top 1% highest producing Carnegie representatives worldwide for 5 consecutive years.

This lead me to create a universal colour based language called iMA that is designed to maximise Connectivity. ( mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect )

A process I call iMA Dream Weaving has helped me to start several successful businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.
I’m a Dream Weaver and you can be too.
• Identify and Dare to Dream a Big Dream
• Move in its direction
• Actualise it by using iMA to connect your dream with the dreams of others.


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