Untwisting Scriptures that were used to tie you up, gag you, and tangle your mind: Book 3 Your Words, Your Emotions

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Gently read by the author, "Untwisting Scriptures" shines a light on Scriptures used to keep people in bondage, by faithfully examining words, context, & the heart of God for His people. "Untwisting Scriptures" deconstructs toxic faith, to rebuild it on the foundation of the true Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you found that you can’t read the Bible without being sent back into a painful place? Have the Scriptures been twisted to keep you in bondage?

The real Jesus wants to set you free.

In Untwisting Scriptures: Book 3 Your Words, Your Emotions, Rebecca Davis addresses the accusations of "gossip," "slander," "false witness," and more that tie the tongues of those who need to speak truth. She lays out what these terms really mean, when they apply, and when they do not apply.

She also addresses the harm religious leaders have done as they try to keep Christians from understanding or expressing what are generally considered "negative" emotions, and what the Bible really has to say about these things.

A toxic faith needs to be deconstructed and rebuilt on the solid foundation of the true Lord Jesus Christ. Untwisting Scriptures does this by faithfully examining word meaning, context, and the heart of God for His people. This book will untwist and present the beautiful truth of God’s Word, exposing sin where it needs to be revealed, and offering hope to those who desperately need it.

Scriptures can be untwisted. You can walk away from the spiritual abuse (of sealing your mouth from speaking and squelching your emotions) without leaving the real Jesus. In fact, you may just find a God you never knew.


A careful and thorough examination of Scriptures often used to oppress, compared to the body of the Word of God
A picture of who Jesus Christ really is, to, for, and in the lives of those who put their faith in Him

Author and Narrator

Rebecca Davis
Rebecca is thankful to be able to act as a compassionate witness to the hard stories of others. Besides her books, she untwists Scriptures and offers hope through Jesus Christ at her blog, www.heresthejoy.com.


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