Essence Path Guided Meditations Bundle

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Essence Path Guided Meditations Bundle includes four of your favorite Essence Path Guided Meditations: Ascension Mastery, Healing and Well Being, Light of Heaven and Release.

Ascension Mastery Guided Meditation:

EssencePath Ascension Mastery Guided Meditation helps you realize your connection to the multi-dimensional Self, your Soul and the universal God source. This Meditation assists you to raise your cellular frequency so that lower dimensional energies (typically the ones that oscillate in unison with negativity and physical dis-ease) cannot connect to you. Ascension Mastery bathes you in higher dimensional thought patterns that allow you to raise your conscious resonance so you are receptive to higher guidance from your Soul and, in turn, the natural evolutionary process referred to as Ascension.

 Healing and Well Being Guided Meditation:

EssencePath Healing and Well Being Guided Meditation connects you to your energetic being, bringing you on a journey of higher vibrational healing that, once resonant within you, can be projected and spread to your loved ones, your community and the planet itself. In this way the healing and well being of each individual, each community and each society has the potential to become a shared destiny for everyone.

Light of Heaven Guided Meditation:

EssencePath Light of Heaven Guided Meditation is intended to assist you to stabilize and protect your vibrational resonance and energetic integrity, helping you to shield your cellular and spiritual core from this ever-increasing barrage of electromagnetic and associated negative energy fields, which are proliferating unabated in the world at this time. Adapt and personalize this Meditation to a form that allows you to repeat it daily for maintaining and increasing your protection.

Release Guided Meditation:

EssencePath Release Guided Meditation is intended to assist you to release and transform lower vibrational "stones" and emotional trauma lodged in your energetic system in order to support you in preventing lower frequency blockages from manifesting physically.

What You Will Receive

Ascension Mastery Guided Meditation
Healing and Well Being Guided Meditation
Light of Heaven Guided Meditation
Release Guided Meditation


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