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The EssencePath Light of Heaven Guided Meditation helps to protect your vibrational resonance and energetic integrity and shield your cellular and spiritual core from lower negative influences, including electromagnetic and associated damaging energy fields proliferating in the world at this time.

Meditation and prayer are divine gifts that assist you to raise your vibrational frequency and augment your energetic and etheric body in a direct and immediate manner. Meditation enables realignment with the Higher Self -- a reboot of the relationship you have with your Essence -- allowing you to raise your vibrational energy so you create a portal of communication between you, your Soul, your Guides and, ultimately, the God source.

Meditation and prayer truly may be see as one in the same. That is to say that meditation is in fact prayer, and prayer in its ideal form is a meditation. The practice of meditation, or prayer, at least once a day acts as a direct means of reinforcing the balance and harmony between your physical and energetic centers (Chakras). In addition, prayer and meditation align you with your Higher Self, tuning you into your Soul or Essence path while continually balancing and augmenting the communication between the spiritual realms and you.

More and more these days, we are bombarded by fear, trauma, conflict and negative energies, all of which lower our vibrational integrity and limit connection to our Soul and the divine source. This situation becomes even more critical and complex as we become overwhelmed with negative influences on a daily basis, as our environment is drenched in invisible, manmade electromagnetic energy waves, including microwaves, scalar waves and 5G, to name a few.

Essence Path Light of Heaven Guided Meditation is intended to assist you to stabilize and protect your vibrational resonance and energetic integrity, helping you to shield your cellular and spiritual core from this ever-increasing barrage of electromagnetic and associated negative energy fields, which are proliferating unabated in the world at this time. Adapt and personalize this meditation to a form that allows you to repeat it daily for maintaining and increasing your protection. 


Help to stabilize and protect your vibrational resonance and integrity.
Help shield your cellular and spiritual energetic core from electromagnetic and associated negative energy fields.
Repeat daily for continual protection.

Your EssencePath Light of Heaven Meditation© Guide

EM Nicolay
E.M. Nicolay is an internationally-known intuitive, clairvoyant, remote-viewer, author and workshop leader who has dedicated himself to assisting individuals, groups and businesses in accessing higher guidance through a better understanding of the Soul’s journey, which he refers to as each individual’s “EssencePath”. He has authored numerous books on a wide range of metaphysical and esoteric topics as well as numerous meditation guides to assist with the raising of one’s vibrational resonance.

For over two decades, Nicolay has worked with thousands of individuals to explore the spiritual, energetic and karmic patterns that influence the manifestation of their day-to-day reality. His reputation as an Intuitive grew quickly as he became known to a wide range of Healers, Metaphysicians, Clerics and Business Leaders for helping them better understand their own EssencePath and navigate the realities and hidden patterns they were creating for themselves. Nicolay’s “EssencePath” series of books are an intensive look at higher levels of spiritual guidance. The series include: “Discovering Your EssencePath” Books One and Two, “The System Lords and The Twelve Dimensions”, “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension”, “The Samuel Sessions”, and “Wheels of Creation: Life After Death, Reincarnation & the Journey of Your Soul”.


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