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The true story of a Tennessee plowgirl who overcame poverty, abuse, and eleven husbands with wit, wisdom, and tenacity

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My name is Hazel Lamb…Lindsey, but my momma called me Fireball. I am 84 years old. I only got one year of schooling, but I am self-taught. I worked hard all my life. I plowed fields, cut timber, raised hogs, and managed several businesses. I got married 11 times. I buried two of my babies, but I brung up three children of my own and four step children. I met some of my husbands – and lots of boyfriends – while playing guitar, singing, and buck dancing at country jubilees. I survived cancer, and one of my husbands choked me to death, but my sweet momma brung me back to life. I shot one husband a little bit, and later, when he was dying of cancer, he was stole from the hospital, and, to this day, I don’t know where he is buried at. I like to tell people I am a movie star, cause I played the wife of a coal miner in the movie October Sky. My life started out hard with poverty and abuse, but all-in-all it’s been a pretty good life. This is my story, and I’d like for you to hear it and learn that no matter how bad things gets, you can overcome and be happy.


Fireball Audiobook


By Hazel Lndsey and Julia Walker


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