A Jolt with Janelle

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"Tune in to “A Jolt with Janelle”; a thought provoking, yet inspirational and motivational show that will encourage individuals to operate in their purpose, use their unique gifts and talents, and it serves to provide godly and practical wisdom and advice to help others live a life pleasing to God.

"A Jolt with Janelle" provides a quick "jolt" of inspiration and encouragement to the listener to help invoke real action and positive change in their lives. This podcast looks to help encourage listeners to want to live a purposed and transformed life as they walk in the identity of who God has created them to be. This podcast looks to serve its listeners in various ways as Janelle speaks about real life topics which will encourage others to live their best life for God while providing her listeners godly wisdom, practical steps to accomplish real goals, and real advice to encourage, motivate, inspire, and empower them as they walk boldly on their life's path and journey.


Motivation to help you step out in your God-given purpose.
Practical tips and godly wisdom on how to use your gifts and talents to serve God and others.
Real life stories with life lessons to help you navigate through life.
Encouraging words and advice to help others live a life pleasing to God.


Janelle Askew
Janelle Askew is a Christian Author, Motivational Speaker, and Kingdom Influencer representing God on social media platforms and whereever the Lord leads her . She holds a B.A. in Healthcare Management and a M.S. in Organizational Performance and is a 10-year Air Force Veteran. Originally from Waco, TX, but now residing in Bellevue, NE with her three daughters, she currently serves those who are incarcerated as a letter writer and motivational speaker sharing the Good News when active in the jails. She also serves as a Domestic Violence Advocate at a local non-profit organization. She's active in her church as a Youth Sunday school teacher and Destiny Group Leader. She's purposed to boldly help men and women to be authentically who God has called them to be; as people of purpose and courage, using the gifts and talents that God has given them, and living their best life by living a life that's pleasing to God.

To read her book for more encouragement and motivation on your life’s journey, get ‘The Vision, Along My Path of Everlasting Life, today on Amazon.com!


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