Tree-N-A - audiobook (unabridged)

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A cyberpunk jungle adventure bursting with twists, action, and hilarity. You'll be hooked to the end. Run time 12 hrs. This is book three in the Dystopia 2099 series by Marcus Martin.


She betrayed her family, her country, and her gods. Her only regret is not doing it sooner.

Pabla was born of the forest, and her home is under attack. She's a skilled warrior, but the ancestral ways can't win a modern war. Her enemy won't stop until they've wiped every one of her kind out.

Luke Remini is an under-developed man from an over-developed country. Crude, inept, and woefully misguided, he's the knight in whining armor that nobody asked for.

He must journey to the heart of a failed state and expose the truth, before the last rainforest is destroyed.

From international bestselling author Marcus Martin, Tree-N-A is a thrilling near-future sci-fi adventure.

Bursting with twists, action, and dark humor, you’ll be hooked throughout.

“A great sequel, can't wait for the next one!" - Jasdip Dulai

The Dystopia 2099 books can be read independently and in any order. The series contains strong language, adult themes, and gripping characters. You’re welcome. 


Tree-N-A - Audiobook (unabridged)


Brendan Hunter
Jessica del Cid


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