The Beauty to Being Restored

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Most dread the process of rebuilding after what feels like the worst season in their lives. I am here to reveal to you the beauty that happens in the restoration process. It is where YOU BEGIN!

Allow the thoughts of areas in which you need multiplication in your life to come to life. For some of you, it could be money, for others, it could simply be peace. Whatever the area of need is in your life, you must find a way to give what you don't have enough of, share what you have need of, release what you need to let go of and help someone by doing one of the above. These are just a few steps to allowing the beauty within you to be restored. Now take a deep breathe and let's dive in!!


Learn how to take heed to the guide within self.
How you listen with the intent to obey.
Knowing that there is beautiful beginning to what you thought was an end.
Find out that you can start the restoration immediately. You do not have to wait.
Thought provoking skills that will cause you to release.


Patrece D. Johnson
Patrece D. Johnson is an inspired by purpose author and speaker, a native of Jackson, MS. She pursued her college studies in Accounting/Finance & Business. She followed through in her field of study while working as a Premium Insurance Auditor/Underwriter & Licensed Insurance Agent for a Servicing Carrier for the State of Mississippi over 10 years. Patrece served as a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Founder/CEO of the “The Beauty Within Speaks”. She was a recipient of the LERS (Lifestyle Education & Resource Services) Community Service and Enhancement Award in 2019. She began to pursue Entrepreneurship through the company, Mary Kay Inc. in 1999. This led to a God-given, purpose-fulfilling career. There she achieved the Notable Honor Society Award, ranking #9 as Rookie of the Year. Patrece has earned 13 Vehicles within the company, including what is considered to be the “Company Trophy on Wheels”, the Pink Cadillac. She lead her Organization, “The 3DNation” to the ranking of #1 in Highest & #1 Most Improved in the State of Mississippi in Year 2020, during a pandemic. Patrece is a newly dedicated Published Author of her book titled “The Beauty To Being Restored”. Walking in her gift as a Purpose-Inspired Coach. She is inspired by purpose, understanding the importance of every individual embracing their journey. Her mission is in the empowerment of women through their God-given gifts in excellence, intimacy in prayer; helping them to maximize their strengths, operate in prosperity, not to compromise for anything less than their heart’s desire. She believes that when a woman really wants something, she will work hard for it. Patrece is THE BEAUTY WITHIN SPEAKING”.


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