Atrick's Gamble (Audiobook)

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Book 1 of The Andarian Prophecy. Written by Brian Tenace. Narrated by Matthew Taylor.


    Curious things always happened around Rianas. When the wizard Atrick came to Riverrun seeking help, she couldn’t understand his interest in her. But the promise of adventure was too much to deny.

    There is a strange world outside of her homeland. The great city-state of Sko’Port is a wondrous but unforgiving place. Nogs have overrun one of the world’s most productive mines. For some reason, Atrick thinks she is the key to stopping them. Rianas suddenly finds herself thrust into a different world – one full of magic and intrigue. Monsters, spies, and the encroaching Axarean Empire all stand before her.  

    Now, hundreds of miles from home, she is learning things she never knew about herself. Every day she spends with the wizard makes her wonder why she has these strange abilities. Who were her ancestors? Can she truly do all that Atrick thinks she is capable of? And why would this wizard be interested in a young student from Riverrun?

    Beneath it all, she must answer a more personal question. Is she really part of the Andarian Prophecy? Her quest to find out who she truly is has only just begun.  


Over 10 hours of fantasy audiobook based in the world of Arthos


Brian Tenace


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