UNAWARE! The 21 Best Lessons I've Learned as a Stepmom (Audiobook)

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UNAWARE! The 21 Best Lessons I've Learned as a Stepmom (Audiobook)



Being a stepmom is hard. Being a successful stepmom is harder. I hope to make it a bit easier for you. I know what it's like to feel like you have no clue what you are doing. When you have to suppress your true feelings because you don't want to cause conflict. When you feel like you are making progress, then a new issue arises.

Before I married my now-husband, I thought that my road as a stepmom would be pretty straightforward. My partner's relationship with his ex was cordial, and I just knew that everything would be just fine.

After we got married, things changed. From feeling like an outsider in my own house to finding my role as a stepmom, I just felt lost. I needed some guidance or someone to point me in the right direction. Unfortunately, everyone that I tried to get advice from either wasn't in a blended family or just had a very negative perspective.. 

You may be a new stepmom or have been a stepmom for years, and you may feel as though you have lost control or are just overwhelmed by what you are facing as a stepmom. I get it. I was there. I wish I had some guidance along the journey to point me in the right direction. That is what led me to write this book for stepmoms like you. I want to be your partner on this journey to gain another perspective on how to see things, so you have the tools to make the best decision for you when challenges arise.

Let's take the struggle out of trying to find your place, feeling like an outsider, and just plain feeling unappreciated with my new book "UNAWARE! The 21 Best Lessons I've Learned as a Stepmom".

In this Audiobook, you will discover:

+ The one thing you need to accept and be firm about as a stepmom.

+ What to do when you feel like an outsider.

+ The 5 things you should consider when attending your stepchild's milestone events.

+ What to do if the bio mom is jealous of your relationship with your stepkids.

+ What you should never do when your partner is dealing with dad guilt.

+ The one action you must take when it comes to discipline and your stepchildren.

+ What you should be doing if you are dating someone with a child.

+ One of the greatest myths about co-parenting in households that are different.

+ The one tip you should activate when dealing with co-parenting holiday stress.

+ The financial questions you should ask when you are dating someone with kids.

+ Whether marrying someone with kids is a package deal or not. 

+ The mistake stepmoms make when disengaging.


Kisha Batsuli
“Kisha is the co-founder of Blended on the Rock, an online platform that helps stepmoms and bio moms deal with the challenges of being in a blended family and equips them with tools to make their journey easier. She has been featured in StepMom Magazine and a guest on the I Know I’m Krazy Podcast with Naja Hall, Being a Bonus Mom: The Other Side of Blending a Family Podcast with Latasha Ferguson, and the Plus Her Podcast with Anne-Laurie Forbes. She is the host of Let’s Talk Blended and has worked with Brenda Ockun, Dr. Karen Abrell, and author Michelle Thomas. Kisha is dedicated to bringing unity to blended families and providing a community for bio and stepmoms to flourish. She also facilitates a monthly meetup for moms in blended families that gives bio and stepmoms a safe space to communicate, share their feelings, and connect. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband and thirteen-year-old stepson. Get Connected with Kisha Batsuli Sign up for a Free 15-Minute Coaching Call Come join thousands of other stepmoms like you on Instagram www.instagram.com/blendedontherock Watch the Replays to these Past Interviews with Blended Family[…]” Excerpt From: Kisha Batsuli. “UNAWARE!: The 21 Best Lessons I’ve Learned as a Stepmom.” Apple Books.


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