Contagious Courage - Living in Freedom

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Are you looking for the courage to face your giants? Contagious Courage audio book will challenge you to find the courage to break through your fears and failures to see how you too can move forward in total freedom with a courage that is contagious. Are you ready?


Contagious Courage is packed full of inspirational stories. In one after another Vahen describes how the unexpected hardships in life don’t have to hold you back from unexpected opportunities and blessings. Authentic, open, real, and sometimes even raw personal stories help us identify those parts of our own lives that we may have falsely concluded will keep us bound. Too many of us hide amidst the barriers of our brokenness. Vahen offers a pathway to find the courage to break through our fears and failures to go farther!

Contagious Courage has workbook style feel, Vahen will be asking questions along the way as if in conversation. She even provides you with some tools that can be a part of your survival guide and help you benefit even more from this time together. And if you are intrested in the video version please visit - 


You will ask yourself hard questions, shed a few tears, have a few "aha" moments, and (guaranteed) have a proper belly laugh.
- Ethan Nicolas, Owner of PityTheFool Fitness, Author of Grit To Grace

Reading this book is like "holding a life coach in your hands."
- Sheila Stauffer R.S.W., Executive Director of Cornerstone Counselling

Vahen's contagious spirit has ignited something within me and I'm positive it will leave its spark on you, too. You're not going to want to put this book down.
- Jennilee Drisner, Owner & Photographer of Selah Reflections

Vahen's "never give up, never back down" attitude, takes away the millions of excuses that people have about why they can't do X, Y or Z.
- Jeremiah Raible, Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, Effectiveness Coach at ABNWT District PAOC

Vahen shares her brokenness with one purpose in mind: to chart a pathway to hope. Contagious Courage will touch your heart and change your life.
- James H. Brown James H. Brown & Associates - A personal injury law firm, friend


Vahen King
Vahen King is a Licensed Minister, Author, International Speaker, Founder of, and holds the title of first ever Miss Wheelchair Canada and Miss Kindness World. Diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a condition that left her physically disabled and dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Vahen has adapted to her life and surroundings as a Person with a Disability and challenges others to see that our biggest disabilities are often the ones we place on ourselves. Vahen's passion is to ignite hearts with hope, empower the wounded and equip the willing to go farther.


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