STAY IN YOUR LIGHT: 21 Days of Fasting on the Journey Towards Self Mastery (Narrated by Baba Ras D)

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Lead with Love and Stay in Your Light!


STAY IN YOUR LIGHT is an admonition for the listener who, while being faced with the highs and lows of life, is inspired to take a Deep Cleansing Breath, remembering to Never Underestimate the POWER of Love and Light within.

By providing a step-by-step best practices of techniques and principles for Behavioral Modification, Baba Ras D has mentored clients, scholars, young adults, parents, and families in their quest for inner peace, higher elevation, and improved quality of life.

In this life experience, one can expect to encounter a variety of trials and tribulations, creating, at a moment’s notice, unforeseen and unexpected challenges. These challenges, at times, appear to materialize as a test of one’s patience, endurance, strength, and perseverance.

As a 'Bless-Selling' Recording Artist, Author, and Founder/Servant Leader of THE HARAMBEE EXPERIENCE, BABA RAS D has provided a distinct Voice of Compassionate Communication, spreading an abundance of Love and Light Energy, inspiring audiences of all ages, for over 25 years.

In his memoir, STAY IN YOUR LIGHT, Baba Ras D offers a six-point action step mantra for relieving STRESS, reducing SELF DOUBT, and eliminating sabotaging SELF-TALK.

Ultimately, you will become reacquainted with your Community of Self; Spirit, Mind, and Body, having developed a sincere appreciation and overstanding of Self Love as the foundation of Self Care.

Through Baba Ras D's unique vocal narration, STAY IN YOUR LIGHT will support you to realize the healing and cleansing process of a stress-free life while being fully aware of your self-value that you bring into the world.


Baba Ras D
Inspirational Author, Speaker and Performer; Creator of the Harambee Experience


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