Never Forget To Laugh: Personal Recollections of Bill Thetford, Co-Scribe of A Course In Miracles

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First-hand accounts chronicle the life and spiritual journey of Bill Thetford, a brilliant, accomplished psychologist and one of the world's foremost authorities on ego development. Bill's own path to awakening provides a timeless guide to releasing grievances, replacing them with peace of mind.


A Course In Miracles is considered by many philosophers and psychologists to be the most important trans-personal psychological work of this past century and perhaps the millennium. It was scribed by Drs. Helen Schucman and William Thetford, professors at Columbia University beginning in October 1965, taking eleven years from initial scribing to the first official printed copies.  

Never Forget To Laugh presents a timeless look at Bill’s extraordinary life and his crucial part in the scribing of the Course. But more importantly, it provides everyone with a path to trusting in one's own Presence, with guaranteed life-changing results, by following his life unfoldment from the extraordinarily difficult early years through the triumphant closure of his life. In addition, this work contains the most comprehensive coverage available about the “back story” of the Course scribing, based on the direct input from those involved from the outset. Finally, much helpful material is included about how to practice these life-altering processes. 


Priceless information about the specific path to a happier, safer life
Encouragement to practice the lessons and principles of ACIM
A complete and comprehensive back story about the scribing of ACIM


Carol Howe
Carol Howe is an internationally recognized master teacher of A Course In Miracles and acclaimed author with over 40 years of experience teaching, speaking and counseling in the psycho-spiritual field.
A close personal friend of co-scribe, Dr. Bill Thetford, she authored an intimate biography of his life entitled Never Forget To Laugh. In addition, she has created ground-breaking professionally filmed online programs based on Course principles as well as hundreds of audios, videos, blogs, and written articles to offer guidance and reassurance in all areas of daily living.


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