Breakthrough: How to Get Unstuck with God's Power

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This audio course will help you to breakthrough your "stuckness." If you can't seem to move forward, feel like every step forward results in two-steps back, and just feel your life has been on hold, it's time for something different! It's time to allow God to work through your life.


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Are you living your life to the fullest?

It's alright if you pause thinking about your answer.

Because there's alot of confusion around a full or abundant life.

Very likely, no one has ever asked you this question before.

Today, right now, it's time YOU asked this of yourself.

It's not about living large, being wealthy, living your dreams right now.

An abundance life is one filled with the peace of Christ and a growing into his likeness.

A life fully lived is one that is running the race, always looking forward, fighting the good fight with a purpose drawn from a life transformed through the power of Christ.

Easier said than done, sadly.

The Enemy would love nothing more than to keep you spinning your own wheels feeling STUCK.

Being busy and getting more done does not free you from being stuck.

Living with a nagging discontent that something is missing means you are, in fact, STUCK.

Have you ever had the feeling you are exactly where you were a few years ago...and almost nothing has changed?

I have, and it's a terrifying experience.

I hope to save you from that if you haven't already.

But if you are already there, you are feeling the abundant life passing you by.

You grieve. You resent. You long for more but... get in your own way!

Even if, through faith alone, you are made righteous before God because of Christ's sacrifice... still hold disbelief.

Yes, we battle always between flesh and spirit, but I want to free you from the disbelief and experience breakthrough: a God who, in His own work and power, rescues you and me.

Come along for this journey to Breakthrough!

You are here for a reason.....


Stop staying stuck and move forward with your life
Uncover the hidden ways you stop yourself from moving forward
Learn the problems with "self-help" approaches to changing your life
Experience a deeper relationship with God and His power


Jonah Jeremiah
Jonah writes and teaches on how to live a life renewed and transformed through Christ. He takes Scriptural truths based on Jesus' redemptive work on the cross, freeing us from sin through grace, and applies them in real life.


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