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A Pitch Deck is more than just a tool to get you in front of investors. A Pitch Deck is the ultimate business metric and performance management tool for any business and provides a direct and immediate clarity on the areas the business needs to add focus.

If you've followed my podcast "The Optimisation Zone" you'll be familiar with the concept that optimisation is about preparedness and practice. It’s more about ADAPTABILITY and the ABILITY to go full power when you need or want to than it is about the actual action of opening up the throttle all of the way.

But how do you find time to practice anything and achieve that preparedness when daily demands and pressures propel you at breakneck speed from one thing to the next, one fire-fight to the next, one critical emergency to the next, and one opportunity to the next.

In a world where there is a piece of technology to analyse, monitor and manage pretty much everything, people and businesses are becoming lost in the tech and forgetting the essentials of what makes life and business work. I am not saying you should do away with all of those shiny tools and apps and equipment. If they serve you, obviously keep them.

What I am saying is that, in the context of predicting the health and viability of your business, all of that information is virtually useless unless you can actually have a meaningful conversation with someone about your business in which you can speak with confidence and authority about any of the key pillars that make up your business; and you can do that without bringing up some dashboard, or spreadsheet or chart. 

Instead, you have that conversation solely based on your genuine knowledge of what the business is, who it serves, what it’s capabilities are and where it is headed. In short, you have the pitch deck in your head, because that is what a pitch deck does. It distills all of the information into concise, highly focused, easily understandable and readily digestible format. 

As a business owner, business leader, senior manager or simply an engaged employee, a well prepared pitch deck gives you the single tool that will help you grow, expand and scale your business (or your part of the business), and it will keep you on track while you do it. As a benefit, if you should ever choose to pitch for investment you will have a document that you can pull out at any time and provide to an investor with the best chance of securing a call back to come for a discussion and possible presentation.

Legal Disclaimer

This podcast does not give business, financial, legal, investment or other professional advice. For full details of our legal disclaimer please visit http://www.paullange.com.au/disclaimer/ 


Discover how to use a Pitch Deck to focus and guide any business to growth.
Improve and optimise areas of the business that don't stand up to scrutiny.
Learn from others' pitching failures and victories what makes a strong, healthy and viable business.
Recognise and acknowledge your business blindspots so that you can give them focus and attention.
Build the asset value of your business so that you can either secure better investment terms or exit when you choose with a higher pay day.
Understand the private equity investors mindset; learn to think the same way and look a your business completely differently.


Paul Lange
Paul has had two jobs in his life and for over 30 years has been found, growing and exiting businesses and helping others to do the same.

He confesses openly that he has also "crashed more companies than the average Gen Y has had jobs, including businesses that should never have been scribbled on the back of a napkin let alone be allowed to get off the napkin".

Paul has had five very successful exits and multiple results he’d call satisfactory. The crash and burns were, like any good R&D, business crash test dummies.

Though his career Paul has discovered several patterns that lead to success and an equal number that lead to failure in business. These patterns are behavioural and are reflected in both the personal and business life of every person. Luckily because their nature is behavioural, such patterns can be changed.

To read more about Paul's journey and what's he's up to right now, visit his website at https://www.paullange.com.au/my-story


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