Untwisting Scriptures that were used to tie you up, gag you, and tangle your mind: Book 2 Patriarchy and Authority

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Gently read by the author, "Untwisting Scriptures" shines a light on Scriptures used to keep people in bondage, by faithfully examining words, context, & the heart of God for His people. "Untwisting Scriptures" deconstructs toxic faith, to rebuild it on the foundation of the true Lord Jesus Christ.

Have you found that you can’t read the Bible without being sent back into a painful place? Have the Scriptures been twisted to keep you in bondage?

The real Jesus wants to set you free.

In Untwisting Scriptures: Book 2 Patriarchy and Authority, Rebecca Davis addresses the hold that “patriarchal” parents have had over their adult children in the name of “Children obey your parents” or “Rebellion is the sin like witchcraft.”

She also addresses the harm religious leaders have done as they hold “Obey your leaders and submit to their authority” over the heads of those they manipulate and control.

A toxic faith needs to be deconstructed and rebuilt on the solid foundation of the true Lord Jesus Christ. Untwisting Scriptures does this by faithfully examining word meaning, context, and the heart of God for His people. This book will untwist and present the beautiful truth of God’s Word, exposing sin where it needs to be revealed, and offering hope to those who desperately need it.

Scriptures can be untwisted. You can walk away from the spiritual abuse of patriarchy and cult-like authority without leaving the real Jesus. In fact, you may just find a God you never knew.


A careful and thorough examination of Scriptures often used to oppress, compared to the body of the Word of God
A picture of who Jesus Christ really is, to, for, and in the lives of those who put their faith in Him


Rebecca Davis
Rebecca is the author of the "Untwisting Scriptures" series. --- Her ministry includes acting as a compassionate witness to people’s hard stories, helping women who are in or coming out of abuse, untwisting Scriptures that have been used to keep people in abusive situations, and offering hope through Jesus Christ. --- She writes about these things on her blog, www.heresthejoy.com, drawing from her 40 years of study of the Scriptures. --- Since 2015, Rebecca has written or co-written several books for adults about on abuse, including "Tear Down This Wall of Silence: Dealing with Sexual Abuse in Our Churches" (with Dale Ingraham), "Unholy Charade: Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church" (with Jeff Crippen), and two books so far in her solo "Untwisting Scriptures" series: Book 1: Rights, Bitterness, and Taking Up Offenses; and Book 2: Patriarchy and Authority. --- Rebecca has been married to Tim for over 35 years. For 24 of those years she homeschooled their four children, who are now all grown (three of them married, three grandchildren). She enjoys playing non-competitive games with family and friends. --- Connect with her at her website, www.heresthejoy.com, or her Facebook page, "Rebecca Davis - Untwisting Scriptures."


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