Manifestation Mini Course for Advanced Souls

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Use this powerful, short mini course to bring light, excitement, and energy into your personal dream / goal!

Are the dreams and goals you aspire to, coming from your ego? Or from a place of Divine connection??

In less that 2 hours, this comprehensive little mini course will guide you step by step to upgrade your goal from an egoic want / need (which is filled with debilitating self-sabotage, perfectionism and procrastination!), to a dream that is ooozing and flowing with Divine inspiration!

You'll discover what you really do want (from love, not fear), why you want it, what that would feel like, and how you can use Divine inspiration to guide your action steps...

Instead of feeling alone and stuck with your dream, you now feel connected to a higher purpose, guided by inspiration, excited and motivated again!


An upgraded vision of your goal / dream - one that is infused with The Divine
Release doubt, 'buts', procrastination and general stuck-ness, and feel excited again!
A simple process for feeling instantly connected to the Higher Dimensions
A way to receive Divine guidance on your next steps
A bonus manifesting meditation to use forever to keep you on track with your goal


Susan Harrington-Baker
Susan is an inspirational Spiritual Teacher, Content Creator, Hypnotherapist, and Professional Intuitive from Christchurch, New Zealand. After a spiritual awakening experience in her late teens, personal / spiritual growth, understanding and development became her whole world, and she eventually began overflowing, teaching and sharing her insights with others. Hundreds of people have effectively learned her step by step method for communicating with their Inner Guidance / The Divine, and for many, her meditations are a staple part of their ongoing spiritual practice.


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2: Can I listen offline?

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