When Life Happens And How To Deal With It.

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‘When Life Happens’ is the friend, coach and teacher to remind you of your powers to create change and keep moving forward, even when Life Happens. "A must listen for anyone struggling to deal with new normals". - Kate Sweatman GB Powerlifting Record Holder.

'When Life Happens’ is the friend, coach and teacher that will remind you of your power to go to a place of inner peace to create, change and keep moving forward.

If you are not certain about which way is forward, I speak in considerable detail at the beginning of this book on the process of getting clarity and understanding on where you want to go. 

‘When Life Happens’ is a guide for times of growth and for times when you need support in finding the right words to understand your situation and continue to move forward. 

Like a man drowning at sea who needs only one life aid, use this book to find the one word, phrase or tool that can support you so that when life happens, you are ready with a smile on your face and a plan to deal with even the roughest of seas.

This book will not change your life overnight, that’s not the way life, health and wellbeing work. 

Life health and wellbeing are not events or 30 day challenges. Life, health and wellbeing are what you engage in each and every day.


Renewed optimism towards life goals.
Tools to deal with even the toughest of days.
Clarity, confidence and courage to move forward in life.
Guided reflection to support you in understanding where you are, where you want to go and in creating a pathway to bring the two closer together.


Christopher Garvey
Author: Christopher Garvey is a teacher, coach, athlete, public speaker and health consultant. His multi discipline approach to health supports the human narrative of lived experience. His teaching has been applied from London to Hong Kong and serves clients from New York to New Zealand. He has deadlifted for 24 hours, competed in the Spartan 24 hour world championships and cycled from Hong Kong to Vietnam. When Life Happens you will find him with his very understanding and supportive wife Adrienne, son Maximus and daughter Thea.
Grant Beuzeval
Narrator: Grant is a well travelled New Zealander who's spent the past 25 years in Hong Kong as a corporate market researcher, a 4-startup veteran, a podcaster, a rugby commentator and sports club general manager. He has experienced more than 60 countries and lived in five, but enjoys most of his free time now with his wife and three daughters.


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