Convulsive Part 3: Tribes

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International #1 bestselling series. Complete and unabridged audiobook. Discover an apocalypse like no other... Tribes is book three of the five-part Convulsive series. Run time approx. 5 hrs. (Total series run time approx. 25 hrs)


International #1 bestselling series. 

This is book 3 in the 5-part dystopian thriller "Convulsive". This audiobook is complete and unabridged.

Written by Marcus Martin.

Narrated by Beth Martin.


It uses your DNA against you.

It knows no mercy, and feels no pain.

Chaos is tearing the world apart,

And the virus is just the beginning...

It’s the middle of the night. The city’s in total blackout. As the last cell tower fails, Lucy gets a desperate warning.

“Worse is coming.”

In less than twenty four hours, mass looting will begin. Panic will quickly follow. Then violence. Technology has failed across the globe, and a disastrous chain reaction has begun. 

That’s when the pandemic hits.

They called it D4. It’s not an enemy you can fight. It’s a process. We’ve never seen anything like it. And we've never been less prepared...

This is a gripping dystopian epic, with a whole new take on the pandemic genre. Welcome to the world of Convulsive - it's an apocalypse like no other.

Print edition first published in 2018.

Audiobook first published in 2021.

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Complete and unabridged audiobook


Beth Martin


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