Mural Painting In Your Home

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Join artist Cherie Burbach as she discusses mural painting in your home. She’ll cover paint to use, how to prep the surface, how to plan out your mural, and logistics you need to know before you even begin.

Mural painting is unlike other types of large scale painting because it is done on nontraditional surfaces and in areas of your home that you have to use (like doors, floors, and closets). In this class, she’ll talk about painting on these areas in order to provide a unique, graphical, element to your home.

Cherie has painted many murals over the last twenty years, and every time she posts about her latest mural, she receives questions from people on how to do it. This class originated from the many questions and comments she has received from people looking to add this kind of personal touch to their homes. 


Planning Your Design
Supplies and Prep
Time to Paint!
Color Blocking
Painting Clouds on a Ceiling or Wall
Painting a Floor
Painting an Exterior Wall
Are You Worried You’ll Hate Your Mural?
Inspiration for Your Mural


Cherie Burbach
Cherie Burbach has been an artist and writer since she was a child. Words and images have always been linked for her when it comes to expression and creativity. She paints with vibrant colors that offer a positive, hopeful message. She has been influenced by a variety of artists, but her favorites are the emotive works of Vincent Van Gogh and the mother and child paintings of Mary Cassatt. Cherie uses special papers and ephemera along with acrylic paints, oil sticks, pastels, and ink. Very often words combine with the art in some way, either from Bible verses, a thought or emotion, or lines from her original poetry. In addition to art, Cherie is also a writer. She has penned and contributed to articles for NBC/Universal, (NYTimes owned), GreenCraft (Somerset Studio), Christianity Today, Readers Digest, Family Circle, and more. She is also the author of over a dozen books, the latest of which (entitled Painting the Psalms) combines her love of art and words. For more, visit


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