Starting an Intentional Gratitude Note Writing Practice

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Get inspired to start a new gratitude practice this year by writing notes to friends and family. Showing gratefulness can help you feel better about your relationships and help you maintain a more positive attitude during the daily challenges of life.

Cherie pulls from her experience in writing over 50 notes in a year in order to celebrate her birthday. She’ll share tips on what to say (and what NOT to say), who to send the notes to, and how to handle the changes that an intentional practice like this can evoke.


How Will the Gratitude Practice Influence You?
Gratitude Note Writing Basics
Who Should Receive These Notes
When Should You Send Your Gratitude Notes?
What Should You Say?
What Shouldn’t You Say?
Simple Gratitude Prompts
Monthly Gratitude Prompts


Cherie Burbach
Cherie Burbach has been an artist and writer since she was a child. Words and images have always been linked for her when it comes to expression and creativity. She paints with vibrant colors that offer a positive, hopeful message. In addition to art, Cherie is also a writer. She has penned and contributed to articles for NBC/Universal, (NYTimes owned), GreenCraft (Somerset Studio), Christianity Today, Readers Digest, Family Circle, and more. She is also the author of over a dozen books, the latest of which (entitled Painting the Psalms) combines her love of art and words. For more, visit


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