Introduction to The Dialogue of Self Liberation

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Have you ever had trouble getting over past relationships; felt that you are not good enough; struggled with painful memories; felt like you don't fit in; or felt like other people are better than you? If so, this program is for you.

A Practical Program that empowers us to navigate challenging times and be kinder to oursleves

This program is for you if you have ever:

  • had trouble getting over past relationships
  • felt that you are not good enough
  • struggled with painful memories
  • felt like you don't fit in
  • felt like other people are better than you

Our brains have been shown to respond to our perceptions and not reality. This means that our experiences are largely created by our inner voice, or self-talk. In other words, if we change our self-talk we change our experience and our response to it.

By transforming and enhancing our negative self-talk The Dialogue of Self Liberation allows us to experience much less

  • self-doubt and lack of self-worth
  • social anxiety
  • fear of failure
  • anxiety
  • relationship challenges
  • shame, guilt and regret
  • self-pity and
  • self-criticism

"Reasons people trust us"

  • Two decades of experience
  • Supportive TDSL community
  • Rigorously tried and tested
  • Practical and applicable 
  • Evidence based

Program Contents

1. The Mindfulness of Self-Communication

Learn the TDSL Core Principle and uncover the hidden harmful self-communications and beliefs.

2. Speaking accurately about the past

Take back control of your self-communications through the application of the TDSL Core principle.

3. The Importance of the Creative Mind

Harness the creative power of your mind to catalyze change in your life.

4. If Not That, Then What?

Consider the ongoing practice of TDSL and what is possible for you from NOW.

5. The Power of Purpose

Purposefully embrace the journey you are on and enhance all areas of your life.

We look forward to helping you

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Let go of negative past events
Heal from trauma, loss and grief
Make better decisions
Build stronger relationships
Free yourself from negative self-talk
Make greater progress toward your life goals


Cheyne Towers
I work as a Hypnotherapist in London, United Kingdom, and for the past two decades I’ve been helping people to transform how they communicate toward themselves about themselves.

The method I have developed has been successfully tried and tested in my work with individual clients from all walks of life, and has now been distilled into this highly practical format which we call The Dialogue of Self Liberation.

We look forward to sharing this powerful transformational principle with you!


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