Soulwaves : The Duadex

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The Duadex is the third ‘book’ in the Soulwaves Anthology. It picks up straight from the end of the second book - Soulwaves : Insertions - at the transition from Epoch Six to Epoch Seven. For best value, get access with the Tap into the Future Bundle .

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The Duadex brings many disparate threads together from the first two books in the anthology. It is being serialised exclusively for subscribers to my Soundwise Soundcasts. It also breaks new ground as the tale is told in the style which is more akin to a series of guided meditations. It brings my storytelling and ambient music together to create a synthesis to entrance the listener and take them into another world and place and time.

In Epoch Six, sentient life transitioned to becoming planetary guardians and custodians. In Epoch Seven, such sentience evolves to become cosmic caretakers, bioengineers and architects.

The trigger that initiates Epoch Seven is the arrival of a Duadex, sent by the Hybrids of Ares to billions of planets. In Epoch Seven, all sentient life in the Universe is allowed to communicate and, in some cases, meet up with each other for the first time. This book describes what unfolds as a result.

p.s. I would love it for listeners to suggest where the story goes, what threads are picked up on from the earlier books and where and when the book explores in space and time.

p.p.s. for best value, get access to The Duadex and my whole metaphysical library with the Töm's Tomes bundle 


A peek into the far future
A deep dive into altered states of consciousness
An expanded world-view
A new level of understanding of your place in the Universe


Töm Evans
This book sees Tom, the author and meditation guide, truly transforming into Töm, the mystic and channel. It brings all his talents into one place - his storytelling, his ability to induce deep trance with words and music and his skill as an edutainer.


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