It’s Your Job: Navigating Challenges and Upheavals At Work

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This is a series of 3 short audio clips that give the listener information and strategies to consider about how to navigate challenges and upheavals in their career and at work.


Whether it is a new boss or a policy change, upheavals at work happen that we have to navigate. As well, upheavals can happen in our career trajectory. We can still be savvy when planning how we manage upheavals. These are several tips and strategies to consider.

Change often brings upheaval, challenges, turmoil, and even chaos with it. On the flip-side though, opportunities to learn how to navigate change(s) successfully helps increase personal growth and development in ourselves. Challenging times also help us, help those we care about learn to navigate challenges and grow from them too.

These short, but informational audio clips provide tips and strategies for helping those you navigate challenges caused by an upheaval.

Given the current global crisis, it is prudent to say that transformations are taking place in societies around the world. 

Now is a critical time to think about not if you or someone you care about will go through some form of transformation, but how you and they will be transformed. 

Now is the perfect time to think about who you want to be becoming. As well, it is a great time to help those you love think about who they want to be becoming, by helping them navigate a challenge or upheaval.


Strategies for Navigating Upheavals In Career and at Work


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