"All That I Had" by Kathy Ann Corse

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Prepare to be inspired! Follow the story of a precious gift, given long ago by a remarkable woman whose strength, love and courage sustained her family through hardship. This moving memoir read by the author, Kathy Ann Corse, will stay with you long after you've heard the last word.


Prepare to be inspired! This deeply moving and evocative story follows a precious gift, given freely long ago, by a remarkable woman who combined strength with love and courage to sustain her family through hardship. "It was all that I had," Catherine explains. What she could not know was that the gift that she gave so generously would be returned, unbidden and unexpected, decades later.

This book is written for readers who seek meaning in their lives and who long for a deeper truth during a time when inspiration is in short supply. Turn these pages and find the extraordinary in the ordinary - the powerful story of a humble woman who had very little, but generously gave all that she had. Her richness of spirit speaks directly to the heart and shows us what makes a truly abundant life. This heartfelt, unforgettable memoir will stay with you long after you have finished the book


Readers tell us they are tranported back to a time when life was simpler and kindness was commonplace. They tell us that they reflect on their own lives with gratitude, thanksgiving and are inspired to acts of kindness!
The reason behind the author's passion for donating a portion of the proceeds of every book sale to the HCA - Helping Celebrate Abilities (formerly known as Handicapped Children's Association).
Get to know Catherine and discover her secret to a truly abundant life.
Learn why so many have referred to "All That I Had" as a way of life, even a movement!
Enjoy some of Catherine's favorite recipes complete with vivid descriptions that fills the room with savory aromas.
Introduction to "Operation All that I Had", complete with 15+ simple acts of kindness to bring abundance into your life.


Kathy Ann Corse
For years, Kathy Corse has been known as a well-respected, business developer in sales, leadership, and customer service. A highly skilled executive and opportunity-driven, Kathy generated millions of dollars in sales yearly and assisted corporations in sales force and revenue growth.

She became a master team builder, mentor, and coach, adept at teaching and motivating others and planned events that delivered results. Priding herself in the best customer service, she developed a large and loyal client base and was trusted and respected by her peers.

Kathy is available for speaking engagements, roundtables and book clubs.


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